Oy, introduce yourself!


Hello! My name is Henrique, I’m a brazilian videogame journalist! My twitter handle is @herniquetxt

I love weird and eccentric games, and it’s very nice to be here :slight_smile:


Hello everyone! I’m J, I enjoy games of all sorts, and have opted to not really engage with most social media after a long and fairly stressful go at it.
I mainly got here through Giant Bomb (Austin was a delight to hear on the Beastcast, and still is when he guests) and a little bit of the Idle thumbs network(Danielle and Rob, of course).
I love the breadth of perspectives represented in the Waypoint forums and podcasts, and have recently gotten a little more active in the community clans and whatnot in a few games.

I look forward to my time here and can’t wait to see what Waypoint does next.



My name’s Iain and I play games. I’m also a parent so only get to play sometimes :slight_smile:

I’ve a big love for Nintendo and I’m always looking for an excuse to make a podcast, I haven’t made one since 2005.

Looking forward to seeing what we’re all talking about. :+1:


Hi! I’m Dan (he/him). I’ve been working in games for a little over a decade now. Right now I’m a designer for music games.

It seems that I made a post on this forum once in 2017, and then never again. :sweat_smile: I want to try to become a part of the community this time!


Hi, I’m on here as a fan of the podcast but have not done much looking around on the forum yet. I’m a physical therapist. I like video games. Not much else to say about me at this point. :joy:


Hi everyone, I’m George or Oaked (he/him). I am a market researcher. Enjoy video games. I usually would not have the courage to post on a forum but I was drinking with friends.

Anyway, I would like to join the discord if that’s a thing. @Oakedd on Twitter. All the best to you all.

I am going to reach out to that friend that you always enjoy spending time with but haven’t seen in a while. You should too!


Ahoy hoy everyone! I’m Fahad (he/him) just learned about this forum via the pod, you can find me on Twitter @FahadArman

Excited to converse with likeminded people
(he says, in the most generic fashion ever…)


Hi all! I’ve posted here a bit already but I don’t think I ever actually made a post about myself. But! I’m here now to introduce myself. My name is Connor. I have no memory of how I found Waypoint… But I’m really glad I did because I love their content. I’m mostly a podcast listener, to be honest. This is a really cool community and I’m happy to be a part of it. I’m making a post here now mostly because of seeing it as a requirement for Discord entry after googling for the Discord after hearing Cado mention it on a podcast. See y’all around!


Hello, I’m metalinvader, and the last forum I was on was the Escapist. I quit it about a year or two before nazis started making themselves known and recruiting gamers en masse (especially on that site). Have been avoiding forums a LOT because of that shit-show.

About a year ago I heard about this place, and while browsing here it actually didn’t seem like a nazi wankfest for once. I’d been burned in so many communities (Destructoid and PCGamer before this), but I could tell when I went to sign up and they asked my pronouns (in addition to the inclusive forum rules) that maybe it would be okay this time.

For videogames I love Starcraft, Dead Rising, Prototype, Tiberian Sun, Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor/Shadow of War (equally, in their own ways), Starcraft, Fable (2 was my favorite), Battlefront 2 (2005), Mass Effect, Starcraft, Warcraft 3 (only), and Starcraft.

For shows the list would be too long but my current obsession is Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure.

I’m almost exclusively a PC gamer, so I won’t be playing a lot of the biggest critical hits (something you’re all sure to hear me moan about a LOT if I’m here as much as I hope to be). Hope I can be a valuable member of the community!


Hi, the name’s Traykov540. I prefer to stay anonymous but I will say that I’m a person who likes video games(especially Nintendo), anime, and doing art. I’ve already made a few posts on this forum and so far, I’m enjoying the community. Depending on how things go, I’ll maybe make some posts about things that are on my mind or give my opinions on some things but since school has been killing me lately, I’ll be mostly inactive and just check on what’s going on. Either way, I hope we can have a good time together! :slight_smile:


Hello friends! I am Ethan Horn, I am a graduate student in Texas, and I love games! He/him, interested in all games that manage to tell some sort of story. I love loving things! I’m too positive but I recognize that.Im happy to be here!!!


Hi! My name is David, I’m not really usually active in any forum, mostly due to time constraints, but I truly love Waypoint’s approach to games and the entertainment-world/world in general, and it’s a community I want to be a part of!


Hi, folks. I go by Chase (he/him) when I’m online. Some formative titles for me include VA-11 Hall-A, the Pokemon series, and Megaman Zero 3. My twitter handle is @SuperBestMatch. I mostly use it as a glorified RSS feed and RT leftist stuff.



I’m Matt. I’m an indie gamedev in Toronto. Made a game called The Veil back in 2014 and after a few years hiatus I’m working on some new projects. Really enjoy and appreciate the discourse around here and with the Waypoint podcast.


Hello! I’m Andy. I recently finished a Master’s degree where I wrote a thesis about gender and meritocracy in video games. I’m excited to finally have time to play more games and I really enjoy the discourse that happens in this community.


Hey y’all, I’m Marcy :blue_heart:

22 | Trans | Bi | Poly | Mexican | She/Her

I realized that I haven’t ever made a proper introduction here despite frequenting the Waypoint Discord server and now helping moderate there (could try to interact here more we’ll see about that)

Player of video games when I feel like it. Viewer of Giant Bomb and Waypoint content. That music stuff? Pretty good imo. Online a lot for better or worse. Struggle with mental health stuff but trying my best (I think) to get by.

Very proud of all the work and effort put in by Waypoint, the moderators and everyone here to help make this community great and inclusive. Keep it up y’all!