Oy, introduce yourself!


Hey all! I’m Pat, @JesterPC on Twitter, my writing (which I hope to get back to this year) can be found over on gaminginconfidence.com, and I podcast at fyx.space! I’ve been following Waypoint since launch, and have lurked here for a couple of years, but I rarely post and realized I hadn’t done so in this thread, so hi!


I’m bswanz (he/him), a late 20-something and I’ve been a big fan of Waypoint since it began but have not really jumped back into posting on forums for years. I am really interested in getting involved in the Waypoint community via discord and expanding my network a bit - this is mostly spurred by The Big Eco Game right now. I live in the PNW, am pretty social, and am always looking to meet new people.


Hi everyone. I’m Matt (32, he/him) from Portland, OR. I got here from a RPG podcast that referenced Friends at the Table, then stumbled upon my most favorite podcasting group (sorry FatT)

My main hobbies are playing video games (surprise!) and staffing/volunteering a local LAN party, which is fun and exhausting at the same time!


Hello! My name is Marguerite (she/her). I’m a 28 year old bisexual DM/GM who runs a company focused on games for education and research. I also enjoy making small games for myself in my free time with friends. I share a great coworking game-space in Vermont with a few small companies like Sundae Month and Too Tired.

The critically adept and socially aware approach to waypoint’s coverage has made it a favorite for over a year now. My favorite game is still Hollow Knight, and right now I am playing Shrouded Isle!


Hi all! My name is John (he/him), I’m a 31 year old queer guy and cultural anthropology grad student. Been listening to the podcasts for a while now and finally decided to jump into the forums here. When I manage to get the time - or when I’m dealing with my anxiety with a good dose of procrastination! - I play a variety of games on PC and Switch. Look forward to getting to know you all!


Greetings! My name is Keith (he/him), I’m 28, training to be a paramedic, and enjoy long walks on hex grids. These days a lot of engagement with games (both video and board) are from reading and thinking about design. I wish I had the time to focus on playing games the way I used to, but such is life. Hobbyist designer as well; trying to have a board game and a video game finished by the end of 2019.

Don’t get me started on Megaman Battle Network unless you want a treatise.


Hi everyone, I’m Chloe! I used to go by chloefirebird on twitter and have been following waypoint since in rose from the ashes of streamfriends but I took a year off from twitter and the internet. I picked up twitter again this year and started to see all the rad Eco screenshots going around, and decided I wanted to get back into this pretty dang awesome community again!


Hi I’m Chris, I’m not that interesting outside I GM a few tabletop campaign, and love waypoint.


Cheers all!

Name is CaptCommando and I’m an almost 30 dude stuck in the Midwest! Been following Patrick and Austin since their GB days.

Appreciate the ideas and thoughts that communities and groups like Waypoint foster and hope to listen, learn, and maybe add to the awesomeness.

Favorite color is pink and any game that refuses me that option is dead to me. :slight_smile:


Hi there ya’ll! My name is David (he/him) and I’m a 23 year old graphic design student living up here in New York.

I’ve been following Waypoint since they were about a year in and I’ve always really wanted to interact with the community as I can only imagine how amazing ya’ll must be but being active on any sort of forum has always just been really scary to me for some reason so here’s to finally trying to break that wall down!

Anyway I love ttrpg’s, talking about how much the Megaman Zero franchise rules, and I’m currently putting waaay to many hour’s into destiny.


Hello_world! I’m Endie_Babble (or some variation thereof) on most places in the internet, @EndieBabble on the blasted hellscape of twitter, and Maurice IRL!

I’ve come to Waypoint by way of Friends at the Table and just chasing down some of the good work Austin does there. I’ve since gotten really into the array of podcasts offered here like, Be Good and Rewatch It. When I have time, between work and school, I like to causally play video games and read TTRPG sourcebooks.


Hi! I’m laika (they/them) a 23-year old student from the US and someone who probably spends far too much time online. My Twitter is @_lovelaika.

I’ve followed Waypoint for over a year now and I really love what they do, especially podcasts. I like to put them on while I work on manga translations for my group, Ray Distance.

I’m not incredibly talkative, but I like reading lots of discussions! Also currently way back into Minecraft somehow???


Hey I’m Bakure. I’m a 23 year old guy from Canada (EST). I started playing Neopets and just never left. Right now i’m into magic the gathering and D&D, plus other table top role playing games.


Hi all! I’m Adrian but go by Doonami on the interwebs. Mostly active on my twitter (at) Doonami. It’s mostly my DnD art and opinions on Pokemon.

Been following Waypoint for around a year now, ever since Austin’s review of Breath of the Wild I’ve been hooked. Love the team and the depth of analysis and quality journalism that Waypoint brings.

Would love an invite into the discord @M_o !


Hey, yall;

I’m Patrick (he/him) a freelance writer/odd jobsman from NY

Waypoint was one of the first podcasts i really enjoyed when i first really started getting into podcasts a few years back. It’s dope to hear some woke ass, funny ppl discussing games

i’m into games obviously, writing/building/anything creative, cardio and walking/hiking with my boah, Apollo the hound



Hello! I’m 32, I go by drspaceman in most online places, he/him, living south of Los Angeles. I’ve been playing games my whole life and I’ve started listening to the Waypoints podcast just a few months ago. I love the intersection of left politics and social justice issues with the culture of my favorite hobby and I’m hoping to chat with other people who do as well!


Hi! I’m Jake. I am 24 years old and I have been listening to the Waypoint podcast off and on since before Waypoint launched. I just never got around to signing up for the forums. I actually created this account to post in a Kingdom Hearts lore podcast thread, which I think says more about me than I’d like to admit. I love anime bullshit, pseudo-philosophical JRPG junk, and leftist politics. I hope to see you in the forums!!! (I had no idea how I was supposed end this thing… God that was lame…)


I’m Kevin, he/him, 21 years old games programmer living in England. I have been listening to the waypoint podcast for a while and have enjoyed Austin Walker since he was on the Beastcast.
This site has encouraged me to think about games differently and care about the social impact they have and the conditions they are made in. Recently I’ve gotten involved in Game Workers Unite.
You can find me on twitter @RebornRider


hi all, i’m iggy, 27 yo czech, he/him. waypoint conviced me to actually try spyparty and i’m an active member of spyparty community since then.

i’ve always been interested in how games work, what tools they use to build emotions in the player, and what games can tell us about ourselves.

occasionally i’m making games.


Long time Waypoint fan, not really a forums person. Mostly here to authenticate myself for the Discord.

Jeremy (he/him) @ Bay Area, CA. Day job at the internets. Love too game and do a discourse.

@jeremyzimmer on the bird site.