Oy, introduce yourself!


hello, I’m compyman! he/him, here for the discord mostly


Hi, I’m Lone. Longtime listener, first time poster. Waypoint and FatT fan. 35, he/him, gay. My screen name came from a Mechwarrior 3 forum in 1999 and turns 20 this year, yikes.

Here because the Waypoint community seems great and I want play games with them!


hi! i’m ailur0 (or kieran, if you wanna get all technical). he/him.

i’ve been posting here for a lil bit, off and on. i love this site & community! people who think critically about games are often some of my favorite people :)))

i got a twittah at @kierantnewton and also a medium so check that out if ya want. hope to game with y’all!


Heya! I’m Tyson, or Flammarion on the internet. I’m Australian, 27, he/him, and I ended up here after three of the podcasts I listened to fell in a blender and Waypoint emerged. Then like two years after that I bothered to make a forum account :sweat_smile:


Hi, I’m a 1up/EGM kid. Listened to RebelFM since day one. I started listening to Waypoint last year and it’s one of the very few podcasts that has hosts who talk about games in a way that engages me. I’m joining back up on online communities since I finally got a new PC.


Hello fellow humans, I’m Purrito aka ElleTee. Black, 27, science teacher, very gay lesbian, she/they.

I’m not big on social media and haven’t made online friends since my middle school Runescape days, but hoping to change that. If you’re interested in any sort of SFF ranging from books, games, mechs, or magical girls, I’d love to hear from you!


Hi, I’m Jay, he/him or they/them. I’m a 28 year old queer non-binary person from the UK and got into Waypoint in late 2017 via youtube/twitch streams. I’ve been vaguely on the forum for a few months now and figured I should do myself an introduce. I’m also vashnoi on twitter.

Right now I’m really enjoying Waypoint’s incipient podcast empire (marry me, Lore Reasons), but Waypoints and the non-gaming media discussions have ended up being my faves because they have led me to watch really cool things I would never have picked up on my own.

In terms of games, I play on PC and enjoy puzzle games, tactics games (shout out to XCOM/2 and Into the Breach) and anything with wild vibrant worlds and/or an interesting story. I’m curious about dipping a toe into multiplayer again in a non-toxic community maybe?

Outside of games, I like narrative podcasts (current fave is The Magnus Archives, I’m also a fan of Friends at the Table, though not caught up), current sci-fi and fantasy fiction (the queerer the better), the occasional romance novel, and Star Trek Discovery.


I’m Axel, a Canadian drawn to Austin’s earnest politics and deep love of mecha. I make game-type-things here and there but only as a hobby.

I’ve been minimizing my time online, but I still have a big soft-spot for Waypoint.


Howdy, y’all!

Name’s Louie. He/Him, Late 20’s, Austinite, Nocturnal, Night Auditor.

Life’s kept me plenty of busy and gaming has practically fallen to the wayside for me from a daily presence to a hobby when/where I can. Only been keeping up w/ console games for the last 5 years given I’ve never upgraded past my 9-y/o laptop, but as my line of work leaves me w/ vast swaths of limited-yet-open time while on call, I’ve been listening to more podcasts and reading all that I can, both in print and now, in forums.

Some brief blurbs:

  • Username is lovingly ripped from Dr. McNinja, which I still need to go back and finish one of these days.
  • Technically met George W. Bush when he visited my elementary school back when he was Gov. of Texas, so per the Kingdom Hearts rules of time-travel, I could theoretically go back and prevent the 2000 election by way of a rousing speech from the lips of a 6-y/o me.
  • tumblr can eat it, I guess.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have inter-library loan requests I need to complete. Many thanks, love y’all.


Hey all, my name’s Mo. He/Him, 21, I’m sure like everyone else, I love movies, tv, and games.

I’ve played games all my life, and they’re the one thing that I feel I can take control of in life. I’m not a very social person, but I would love to have some people to casually play multiplayer games with, and Waypoint is awesome for being super inclusive.


Hey All, My name is Steve from Newcastle, Australia.

I enjoy video games and Tabletop role playing games.


Hi, I’m Phil from Canada. Was a big fan of Patrick back as giantbomb, though I stopped listening to the bombcast around the time he left the site. I got caught back up a few years later and became a fan of Austin too; though he left soon after time too. Naturally, I’ve been following waypoint since it’s inception.

I have a horrible addiction to Slay the Spire


Hello all! I’m Genevieve, my pronouns are she/hers, and I’m a 20 year old student from the NYC metro area studying math. I’ve been gaming pretty casually ever since I was pretty young, I’ve started playing more online games lately and have been trying to meet more like-minded people to play with!


Hello, my name is Ian!
I’ve been following Waypoint since the start and decided to finally hop on to the forums.


hi, I’m Andrew, American living in Japan working as a game localizer. Been a fan of Waypoint for most of its existence and been feeling like I’d like to engage with the community more and maybe play some games together!


I am Jaivi oxford. I am from London, UK. I am owner of Marshall Shutter company.


Hi, I’m Jeff! I’ve been habitually listening to Waypoint for the last couple of years and figured I’d finally dive into this forum they always keep talking about! :grin: Looking forward to meeting new people and hopefully finding some more folks like myself who want to play online together.


Hey, Im Ryan! Live in NY and unfortunately work in fashion so I get all my gaming info and news from waypoint and gb nowadays so figured I should join the big community here. Excited to hear more!


My legal name is Nathan, however I am going to have it changed, and I identify as a she/her. I have had a bit of trouble with people not respecting my pronouns however this community looks fun and respectfu; :slight_smile: I cant wait to join and meet all kinds of people!