Oy, introduce yourself!


Hello, Bloodarmz here. I like to play games. But mostly, I like to read bad takes on the internets.


Hey all, Aaron here on Twitter as Ashy3classy .I have followed waypoint since the beginning and love how the site grew and transformed. I play a bit of everything and at random hours. I look forward to the conversations to come.


Hello! I am Ben (he/him). I’ve been following for a little over a year, but only recently checked out the forums. It’s filled with cool folks, so I signed up. Hope to chat with y’all about games/movies/music/politics/whatever!


Hello, my name is James (he/him). I’ve been gaming for over three decades(!), and followed Austin from Beastcast/Giant Bomb. I’m generally not a forum lurker, but wanted to
a: authenticate for the Discord and
b: be part of a community that isn’t of the stereotypical gamer variety

Also. listening to the podcast kinda made me fall in love with the Waypoint crew!


hey everybody! I go by pantsforsnakes here and most places. I’ve been in the forum for a while and have posted occasionally, but thought I’d introduce myself.

30, he/him, live in the DC area, cis/het. game on Switch, PS4, and sometimes PC. I mostly play singleplayer games these days, partially because it’s easiest to make time for and partially because wading into the waters of online gaming without a group or community is usually a horrible experience in toxicity and bigotry. i have a group of IRL friends/acquaintances I game with, but one of them is a horrible person and I can’t get my other friends to deal with that, and I’m getting sick of trying to ignore him. so finding a group of friendly good-hearted people into the same things I’m into is really exciting to me.

anyway! hi!


Hiya! I’m aandnota. I’m a art/design professor and artist at a private university in the midwest. I’ve been playing anything and everything since the 80s.


Heya hey, I’m Ashe. Been following waypoint since the start of it and been pretty interested in seeing how the site and the community around it has grown. Game wise I play a bit of everything but kind of drift towards mmos, 4x games and rpgs. Looking forward to meeting ya.


Hey all, my name is Joel and I’ve been a fan of the show for about a year now. I’ve been hooked on destiny 2 since Forsaken and I’m looking for some people to play with. I also play loads of other games. Viva Pinata 4Ever!!


Hello, I am new here and I also like to play video games. I :like Destiny 2, FIFA, COD and many more.
This is one of my favorite topics to discuss, I am Joann. Well, in my meantime I also like to do other activities as well.


Death here! 27 yo m (he/him/his) who likes to play support in multiplayer games and the idea of increasing taxes on the rich. I am looking for that sweet waypoint discord hook-up so that I can meet nice folks for multiplayer games like apex!


hey, I’m urthmover. positive person, loves gaming, music, and computers. lately playing RE2 and some apex. fan of GB, hangs on irc. I would love an invite to the discord server when it’s convenient. Thanks in advance :slight_smile:


I go by Umbra. My twiter is @umbraviolet . Real name Claire, I’m 26, she/her, and I’m here because a friend of mine, miscu, visits this forum a lot and so I thought I would check it out.


I’m a relatively boring person from Germany who works as a software developer (the non-cool, non-web, non-gamey kind) and IT-factotum. I came to this website via Match3 and find it pretty neat, so I’m trying to make an effort to be more engaged than usual, which honestly is the lowest of bars.

Decades of playing (but rarely ever finishing) lots of video games has afforded me the opportunity to become mediocre in a broad spectrum of keyboard/mouse-related activities, which makes me a good person to play with if you like to compare favourably. I recently got a Switch, so controller-based middlingness may soon be in play.


Here because of the podcasts, just really enjoy the vibe they all seem to have with one another. And Lore Reasons is just bonkers, I have no idea what is going on (and no reference point as I never played any KH games) and I absolutely am there for all of it! As for me, my name is Ben, he/him, and I have a dog named Willis. I work as a dispensary store manager and have been gaming since the NES days. Into most things nerd and always up for video game related musical suggestions!


Hey there, folks.

I go mostly go by WordsMaybe on Twitter, YouTube, and all that nonsense. Grew to love Waypoint in a similar through Giant Bomb, like many of you. Now this fine site is a favorite for media analysis and good vibes.

I was once an active member of the Bethesda forums back in 2008-2012. That place was a major introductory point for me in a ton of ways in regards to games, the internet, anime, media analysis, and geek culture. I miss the community aspect and figure a place like Waypoint could provide such.


Hi, I’m Katterson, I like the conversations that Waypoint creates and I’m here to see other people’s words about things I care about!

I’m a JRPG fan first and foremost, gigantic Final Fantasy nerd, but that’s just my gateway into video games as a whole. There isn’t a genre I’m not interested in, I try to dip into everything and if I initially dislike a game, I’ll usually try and go back to it later, in a headspace that makes it work.

I’m also quite into TTG and have been involved in a quantity of games during the last few years. Currently running my own D&D 5e table.

This community has a really good vibe, so hi everyone, excited to meet y’all!


Hey, I’m SwiggleDyl!
I’m a music tutor who’s also studying to become a PT, living in Brisbane. I’m super passionate about tech-death and black metal (fuck NSBM), and protective of our animal friends.

I’ve been following Waypoint from the start but haven’t really spent time in the forums because my anxiety extends to the online world. But I’m here now, because this community seems like everything I could ask for.


Hey everybody! Long time listener, first time writer. I’ve been going by belril on the internet for more than a decade and a half now, which is a funny thing to say. I’m a technology journalist turned analyst based in San Francisco, and a massive nerd since way back.

I don’t remember when exactly Waypoint Radio got suggested to me through Overcast, but it’s a must-listen podcast for me every week, usually when I’m cooking dinner.


Hi and welcome! I love it when small worlds come together: I follow you on twitter already, and it turns out we went to the same little college.

(deleted my previous post because I always, always do replies wrong here…)


Hello everyone. I am work as a website manager for a non-profit in Washington D.C. I have been gaming for a very long time. I enjoy Waypoint Radio and the site. Happy to be here. :grinning: