Oy, introduce yourself!


Hi all, I’m Tim. I live in Brisbane, Australia. I’ve been following Waypoint since the start, but have never posted on the forums before.

I’m usually a real lurker on places like this, but I’m trying to make myself be a bit more social. I joined the Popplio Pals Destiny clan, so I hope to meet some good folks on there. :slight_smile:


Hi, Matt from Pennsylvania, U.S. I found waypoint through friends at the table.Austin has some powerful ideas.


Hey! I’m Mic, 27 y/o non-binary person. I’m an ex-WoW healer, now an online warrior in SFV. Favourite game last year was Celeste.

I’ve been following Waypoint Radio for a little bit, love the crew. I recently started playing Apex and wanted a friendly crew to play with, hoping to find some friends here :slight_smile:


Hi there! I’m Spenser, I’m mostly about tabletop RPGs (in fact I started following Austin back in the days of Roll20 Presents: The Burning Wheel and followed him here) but I try to find time for video games when I can!

I’ve been a longtime fan of the site and podcast(s) and have been meaning to dive into the forum for a while now!


Hi all! I’m Jake, and I’ve been following Waypoint for the past few years; it’s currently the only video game podcast I regularly listen to. I just finished a many-month stretch of playing a ton on Mohun: World, and some of my friends and I are getting back into Destiny 2. Hoping to find some friends here to chat up and maybe zap some baddies with :slight_smile:


I’m Aaron, 31 from Michigan. SpiffyBiffy on pretty much every social media or game service. Been dipping in and out of games for most of my life and stumbled across Waypoint from either Austin or Danielle being retweeted into my feed and decided to check it out more closely. Never really did much forum stuff but was active in Yahoo Messenger RP chat way back when which is a bit embarrassing to admit but still brings a small smile to my face.

Looking for spaces like this that have the interesting and fun game criticism/celebrations with important emphasis on social and political issues that are rarely addressed at all or dismissed out of hand.


My name’s Jack, from Ohio. I’ve been listening and reading Waypoint for a year or so and need a new forum to be active on. I got permabanned from Restera for repeatedly demanding “Hands Off Venezuela”. I couldn’t stand the liberalism and I did not restrain myself… oops.

Gaming wise, I’m a big PlayStation gamer. Huge fan of Sony’s first party games and enjoy time in some big multiplayer games too. And a few select indies, especially stuff by Supergiant. I really enjoy the critical discourse towards games that Waypoint brings and want to chat with others who have similar perspectives.


Howdy, I’m Graham, I found my way here through recommendations from a friend, and reading articles on the site. I’m in Richmond VA, mostly play rpg’s/arpg’s/shooters. I play on PC and xbox but mostly PC. Currently I’m hype for the new league in Path of Exile.

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Hi! I’m a long time reader-listener of Waypoint and Friends at the Table. I’m a writer and game dev based out of Buenos Aires, Argentina, and part of the dev collective https://www.mata.juegos. Is the Waypoint Discord still a thing?

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Hi! I’m Trevor, 25, He/Him/They/Them. I write about games and comics for AiPT! and first heard about Waypoint from the Magical Boys podcast! (Highly recommend checking them out.) I feel like Waypoint approaches game critique in the same way I do and still can’t believe I found an outlet whose content feels so in line with my tastes.

Hope to have some cool chats! :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Rob or kingofblarg. I lurk a fair amount, don’t post that often.


Comment, 28, he/him. Programmer, overambitious home cook, tired.

My main hobbies at this point are video games and using way too many words to come nowhere near a firm conclusion, so naturally I’ve been following Waypoint since day one. Found myself wanting more online hangout spaces since my old ones fell apart, so I figured I should finally come around to discourse.zone!


Whoa! Small world. Hello to you, person who I may have met at some point!


Hi! We’re squids, a plural system, mostly trans. 25, CS student, graduating soon. We’re not part of many online communities, but this one seems… really great so far. We got here through a friend’s repeated recommendation.


Hello! I’m Sebastián. I’m 27, use he/him pronouns and am currently a public health reporter for a public radio station in the Midwest. I also make short documentary films. I enjoy gardening, building gunpla, soccer and making music. I found Waypoint through friends at the table probably two years ago, and have been listening ever since. I mainly play whatever games my friends are playing, so right now I’m mainly on Apex Legends, but there are a couple single player indies I’m interested in too.
@sebastiansings on twitter and discord!


Hi, I’m Oktar. 28. Gay guy from South Africa. Been listening to the waypoint podcasts for a while now. Busy playing Tacoma atm and listening to the Giant Bomb GOTY 2017 podcasts. I look forward to chattin’ with ya’ll on the forum and discord.


Hi y’all! My name is Matthew, currently living in the Pacific Northwest and an art student (Printmaking). Long time lurker and Waypoint podcast listener. Enjoy chatting about food, art, and videogames. Currently making my way through Yakuza 0, Resident Evil 2, and grinding Destiny 2 loots. Also, pretty bad at Apex but slowly getting better, and trying to get over my social anxiety issues with these group based games.

Looking forward to chatting and figuring out play with you all.


Hey, name’s Ali. I waste too much of my time online and playing Destiny


Hey, my name is coda (she/her), twitter: @coda_b. I’m a half-Finnish 27something y/o freelance creative(music and art) from Finland.
I’ve studied abroad, come back and am looking to study abroad more.

I’ve mostly got into waypoint stuff via podcasts and some twitter stuff, but some of you may have seen me in twitch chat during last summer’s frequent streams, tho my handle is codabreak there.

I mostly play FF14 and MonHun, but I’ve been getting into Destiny 2 lately as well with the new stuff coming out.

Nice to meet y’all!


Hey! My name is Candice, super hero (preschool teacher) by day, writer of suspense/ romance by night. I also maintain a blog with faith and recovery themes at candiceleebrown.com . I am a single mother to an incomparable, gorgeous sixteen year old daughter and a prolific reader of fiction and poetry from long-dead authors. It’s lovely to meet you all!