Oy, introduce yourself!


Hi everybody! I’m Zach. I work in VR with Unity, some light gamedev. I haven’t been in an internet community in… a while, but I want to branch out with Destiny 2 since some friends and I are getting back into it with Forsaken! Hope to see you all in the Reef!


Sup, I’m Nyx. I’m jak2364 in pretty much every other corner of the internet, but lately I’ve been trying to reinvent myself. I’m 23, black, non-binary, and maybe someday, your goth gf. ;3

I guess I’m here cause I’ve been listening to the podcasts and visiting the website so much this past year, I may as well try and get involved in the community. Especially since so many of y’all play Destiny!


Oi, I’m Alex. I’m a 29yr old straight white bloke from Brighton, UK. I’ve played and loved video games my whole life, from as early as early as I can remember. I work for a software development company as a DevOps engineer, wrangling code onto servers and making them play nicely together.

I’ve never really felt comfortable contributing to an online community but if ever there was one for me it would be this one.

I followed Austin here from Giant Bomb and I’m a huge fan of the work that the Waypoint team produces, in all it’s forms.

I play mostly on Xbox One (as I am currently without a gaming PC) and would happily join any chill group looking to take on PvE or PvP challenges in the likes of Destiny 2, Monster Hunter World, Division 2, ApeLegs and just about any fun online game.

tldr; chill guy looking to hang and maybe make some friends.


Hi guys, Im badpokemon, 25y/o, mixed, he/him, uk. I found waypoint’s podcast through FatT. I love everything about Waypoint, it can be so hard to find any real criticism from a progressive/left viewpoint.

I’ve played video games since I was about 5, starting with a second-hand Sega MegaDrive (Genesis). Nowadays I mostly game on a PS4, supplemented with some PC only games on my crappy gaming PC. Honestly I go through phases, sometimes I lose interest in games for months at a time.


Heya, I’m madrag. I’m 29, he/him from Australia. I followed Austin here when he left Giant Bomb and Waypoint’s now my go-to for thoughtful writing on videogames/brain-breaking Kingdom Hearts deep dives.

I have almost no time for games these days which is a bit of a bummer, but I mostly jump between PC, PS4 and the Switch. Currently obsessed with ApeLegs.

Anyhoo, hey, what’s up?


Hi, I’m doid!(he/him). I’m a journalism student based in the Bay Area. I’d heard about Waypoint oddly after following some of Patrick’s work at Kotaku and discovering Austin’s work when Patrick had signed on(I wasn’t a huge Giant Bomb person). I’ve stuck with Waypoint just because it’s so different from the consumer-focused criticism that’s mainly dominated the games space. I’m playing Apex Legends off and on as well as some Smash Bros. Ultimate and maybe Monster Hunter World. I tend to gravitate towards loot-focused games, interesting multiplayer games and RPGs for the most part, and I tend to stick with a game for a pretty long time. I’m currently on PC and Switch, although my laptop kind of struggles to play modern games.


Hello! I’m Steve(he/him), 29, from the Detroit area. Been following Waypoint and crew for quite some time, got in somewhere early-middle of Breakfast and Battlegrounds series of streams. Not much to say about myself, other than I struggle with anxiety.

Mostly play games on my PS4(StereoHomesick), currently Destiny, Warframe, Anthem, Apex. Though did just get an okay PC, no real games for it yet, other than Stellaris, which I have put way too much time in, haha.

Anyway, that’s about it, I hope to have the courage to take part in this lovely community, and hope to get to know people/make friends.


Hi everyone. I’m PuffyCurry (same handle on Twitter). 26 year old software engineer at a logistics company in Malaysia.

I think I probably stumbled onto Waypoint from all the game devs I was following.

Currently alternating between AC Origins and AC Odyssey when new DLC for that is released. I used to eat sleep breathe World of Tanks until the game got too grindy but I still love reading about tanks.

Really love the Waypoint environment and hope to have a great time sticking around.

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Hi, I’m fivedroids (she/her), 28, and a programmer. I came to Waypoint after following Austin from Giantbomb. I spend way to much of my free time reading about video games and writing fanfic trash.

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hello my name is jaswinder. am 35 year old.


Hey All, I’m Yugie(He/Him). 23 years of age and living in Malaysia.

I’m here for a place to discuss Waypoint’s podcast and meet new friends. Currently back on the For Honor train, but we’ll see how long that lasts.


Hey, hi! I’m Nate, he/they, 28. Came to Waypoint like many others from Austin & Patrick’s time at GiantBomb, and followed Rob and Danielle on the Idle Weekend podcast. I play too many games and have a backlog of even more.


Hello! I’m burgers. He/Him. I’m from NJ. I love the podcasts!

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Hey folks, I’m Allandaros. I think I found Waypoint through Rob and 3MA. Started listening in 2017, but only now realizing I should post in the introductions thread.

Games-wise I’m a TTRPG editor/author who is a big fan of CRPGs, tactics and strategy games, and pretty bad at most other types of videogames. Dayjob wise I’m an immigration attorney (nice, quiet specialty these days…).

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I’m PumpSci, which I’ve started to use on all my new accounts since I got a new computer. I followed the Giant Bomb to Waypoint pipeline last year and have kept up semi-religiously. I used to spend a lot of time on forums back in middle and HS (I’m a grad student w a fulltime job now) so this whole atmosphere is nostalgic.

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I’m dankleteer, been going by that tag since I was 14, before “dank memes” entered the lexicon. I’ve been digging this forum a lot, great to see a more focused, down-to-earth gaming forum still kicking around.

I teach university and perform stand-up comedy in Bangkok, Thailand, though originally I’m from California. I grew up on a ranch growing wine grapes and raising cattle. I studied creative writing at university. My favorite food is the cheeseburger.

My favorite game is Dota 2 for its endless depth, but I also love strategy games, shooters, and atmospheric platformers.

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Hi! Long time lurker but thought I’d try to be more involved. I’m Hush. He/Him but also use They/Them. 31, followed Austin and Patrick from Giant Bomb.


Hi all! I’m Elliot (they/he), and while I’ve been in and out of the forum for a while I realized I never dipped into this thread. I take long breaks from posting, but I’m super happy of the community that’s built up!


I’ve never actually posted in this! I’m Morgan (they/she) and I’ve been enjoying Patrick and Austin’s work ever since the Giant Bomb/Kotaku days. I end up lurking a lot since I find forums kind of intimidating.


Hi, Mitchell (he/him) here, 21, Australian. Took me far too long to transition from pod-listener to forum reader. I don’t have a history with the site or the people who produce the quality content on it. I hope to be more active both here and on the discord.
Favourite game right now is Destiny 2 and I hate that I love it.