Oy, introduce yourself!


26 year old dude from Kansas
Enjoy video games and most political discussions
Liked Austin from Giantbomb, Rob from 3MA and Danielle from Idle Weekends,
Followed here


Haven’t done this yet, despite having been on here for a few months.

32, he/him, California, work in tech, not video games.

Fan of Patrick and Austin from Giant Bomb
Fan of Danielle from Idle Thumbs
Fan of Rob from Idle Weekend
Fan of Cado and Natalie from Waypoint :slight_smile:

Played games most my life, but have a big gaping hole in consoles from Genesis to Switch after my mother decided that video games were an awful thing and banned consoles from the house. Got a little smattering of SNES and N64 from friends, but mostly got by on PC stuff until picking up a Switch for Zelda BotW.

Communities I’m fairly active in (mostly on Discord) are Diamond Club (Group of podcasters), AmoveTV (also podcasters), LethalFrag (Twitch streamer) and Endless Frontier (Mobile game I spend way too much on)


Hi! I’m Ben. I started listening to waypoint last year and it’s become my very favorite listen. I studied anthropology once. I spend entirely too much time on the internet.


Hey! I’m James! I’m mainly interested in movies/film (as that’s what I went to school for snd know how to do), but am a gamer at heart! Found Waypoint through following Austin’s work and here I am!


Hello! My name is George and I’m trying to go for a career in games journalism/games media! I really enjoy Austin Walker and Patrick Kleppek’s work so I decided to join here :slight_smile:


Don’t know if I did this but I’m JJ. 44 years old, married with two kids living right outside the shitty swamp of DC thanks to the current occupant of the WH. I’ve been listening to Waypoint for about a year now and man it’s just what I need every week. I always appreciate the discussions and helping me to think more critically about the media I consume.


Hi my name is Daniel! My discord handle is Gheese Thompson. Couple of things about me I’m a 23 year old mexican American from California who loves video games, sneakers, and music. I found out of this community by somebody on reddit when I was asking for more inclusive gaming communities, can’t wait to play with y’all :)!



I go by Fontelroy on the internets. @Fontelroy on twitter. In the real world I go by EJ. I’m 30, he/him, and I am also a giant bomb fan which is how i knew about waypoint!

I don’t have a ton of forum experience, but I did frequent bungie.net in the lead up to halo 2


walsh9, he/him. i like procedural generation and dogs. found waypoint via friends at the table


I’m new here, and am not a time traveller.

My name is Edward, and I go by @Edward_Hyena on Twitter, just like my name here. I live in Michigan and right now am working on a career in the education field.

I come to Waypoint by fandom of Austin and Patrick from their Giant Bomb days, as well as stumbling upon the Waypoints podcast. I’m currently working my way through the backlog of podcasts and it is very weird in 2019 hearing things like, “I’m excited for the new Mass Effect” or “It’s a game like King of the Kill”. I appreciate Waypoint’s more analytical takes on gaming and other current topics from a multitude of diverse perspectives.

Other than being into games (obviously) I am also a college graduate, play board games and other non-electronic games, work as a substitute teacher, and am very active in furry fandom and have been for over 20 years.


Hey, I’m Hudson.
Been listening to the Waypoint podcast for a while, just never had the courage to post in the forums till recently.

I mostly played looter shooter games, Destiny 2 being my main game.


Hey there, my names is Fergus (@Cvamped on Twitter).

I’ve been a longtime Waypoint Radio listener and reader of the site. Like many, I followed Austin and Patrick here from Giant Bomb but have come to be delighted by pretty much everyone involved in the larger Waypoint family. It’s the “thoughtful” and critical games site I’ve always wanted to read (and something I try and push myself to emulate in my own writing).

Been lurking around the forums for a while now, but I wanted to try and be more involved - especially since getting back into Destiny 2. All my friends have more-or-less moved on from the game and I was looking to join one of the Waypoint clans :slight_smile:


Hi all, I’m jwaz (@8_bit on the twitters)

Huge fan of the Waypoint podcast and just looking to be more involved with the community Austin and co have fostered. I’m was at one point a big forum goer and continue to be a denizen of irc. u.u;

30 // he/him // resident of beautiful Oakland, Calif :palm_tree:


Hello! I’m Cameron, living in Seattle and working at a coffee shop part time while getting some time trying to focus on creating art. I’m interested in narrative design and short form games.

Outside of that, I really love wine and spent a free years working at wine stores, pouring tastings, etc. My partner and I go on hikes and bike rides often, and like reading about the zeitgeist of discourse going on in the gaming world.

Excited to be here!



I’m John from Florida (he/him). I’ve been following Waypoint since it started and want to start being more involved with the community. Looking forward to talking with everyone!



I’m Ev (he/him) from NYC! I followed Austin from GB to Waypoint and I’ve been listening and reading ever since! Excited to get to know everyone better!



I’m Brooks (she/her) of Seattle. Like many, I’ve been following Patrick & Austin’s work since their Giant Bomb days and have been a fan of Waypoint since it started, but Lore Reasons is what got me to finally join the forums. Been having a great time so far!


Hi everyone, Tythus here (as good a name as any). Purveyor of cat pictures on Twitter. 27 // he/him/his // software engineer


Hey! im Justin wabs,

certied md in kingdom hearts lore and music boy (he/him/they)


Hi! I’m Britt, or bridgeeater on most things. I became familiar with Austin right as he was leaving GB, and have been watching and listening to Waypoint ever since. I’ve never really participated in forums before, but Waypoint has become my favorite games/culture/whatever is happening on BGRWI site and I’d love to get more involved!

27, he/him, Ontario, doing my best to finish grad school