Oy, introduce yourself!

Hello lovely folks! Despite being a on-and-off poster here, I’ve never posted on this thread, so here is my official introduction. I’m Grace! I write about games on and off. Currently going to uni, will graduate soon. Hope to meet more of you soon.

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I just want to talk to some fellow art lovers in a community that I know shares my ethical and moral sensibilities. I’m depressed as hell, but finding tiny reasons to love this hellworld just enough to wake up in the morning.

Favorite games:

Super Meat Boy, Gang Beasts, Return of the Obra Dinn, Far Cry 2

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Hi all, I’m Alec! I’m a 24 year old, male (he/him) software engineer in North Carolina. I’ve been a huge fan of Waypoint’s podcast work for about a year now, and it feels high time that I become more involved with the community via the forum, Discord, and Destiny clan.

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Hey, I’m Sasa. This is the first forum I’ve ever joined.


Hey there, I’m P-O-Box. (@pobox628) I’m 24 male here, currently in grad school in the USA. I’m here because a friend wants me to join the discord for Destiny 2 on ps4!

@M_o it’s not letting me DM you, so if you can message me or add me to the discord, that would be great! :upside_down_face:

Hey everyone, I’m Justin (They/them). I’ve been following Waypoint for a year or so now. A couple months ago I really cut down on podcasts but Lore reasons brought me back all the way to the point of joining the forum. Some of my favorite games include Starbound, Undertale, Night in the Woods, and Toontown. I look forward to the people and discussion here. :slight_smile:

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Hello, name is IDrift. I consume a lot of Waypoint’s. I especially enjoy the Waypoints episodes :thinking: (I think that’s the correct title) but the games brought me here.

Hi, I’m Avery (he/him)! I stumbled across Waypoint last year after the podcast Idle Weekend essentially died and I wanted more content from Danielle and Rob, and Waypoint Radio has become my essential podcast ever since. I’m also incredibly obsessed with music (primarily indie rock, hip hop and various electronic subgenres but have been getting into metal recently) and have a growing interest in film as well. All while I’m stuck in the hellhole known as food service.

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Hi, I’m Josh! I’m 29 and I followed Austin from Giant Bomb to Waypoint, but never really committed to listening to the podcast until recently. It’s quickly become a near daily listen for me among the Bombcast and Beastcast.


Hi, my name’s Marion! I came here to read interesting stuff about games (and politics) and will check out the podcasts as well! I’m looking forward to participate in some discussions here :slight_smile:


Hey all, my name’s Alex! I’m a writer and video producer from Arizona. I have links to all the various projects I do at my very own website, AlexLemoine.Zone.

To give a preview of the things I do, my latest video is an investigative piece, where I interview the real DJ Casper, and ask him hard-hitting questions about The Cha Cha Slide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cYDP4tStOdk

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Hi all, my name’s Lindsay and I’m a classical musician from New Zealand. I don’t tend to really take part in online communities or forums, but I’ve always like the vibe of Waypoint and I’ve been feeling a bit isolated recently - just moved back to NZ from Germany where I was living for the last several years. Anyway, I like thinking about games when I’m not thinking about music and I’ve fallen more and more in love with the Waypoint podcast as the years have gone on (seriously, how good is their current output?) so I’m gonna make an effort to jump on the discord, join up with the Destiny Clan and do all that good stuff.


Hi everyone, my name is Logan and I’m a writer, podcaster, student, and dreamer who lives in the US. Like Lindsay above me (or at least I think they’re above me if I get how forums work) I don’t really get involved in online communities… At all. This is kinda my first one, but I recently was listening to Waypoint Radio and I heard Austin talking about how good this community is and how it’s a place where people are welcome from all places, so I figured I’d dive in and see if I could find some of the cool people he’s always talking up.

I’m looking forward to getting involved and hopefully finding a place here!


Hi!! I’ve been following a few of the writers at Waypoint for a while but the site itself finally got me with Lore Reasons. I make a videogame more often than is good for me, and play a videogame less than I’d like! I live in Seattle with a big beautiful dog and a tiny woman. Tell me what games are good!!

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I have followed GiantBomb for years and thus Austin when he made the move here, I’ve been an avid listener of the podcast(s) from the start and I really am terrible about talking about myself.

Wassup! I’m Sam (underscore b rules), big fan of Waypoint writing and podcasts 'n that! Honestly just here 'cos I left the Waypoint discord a couple weeks ago and want back in. Hope everyone’s good!

Hey everyone!
My name is Jordy and I’m a game developer from the Netherlands, currently studying and working in Denmark. I’ve been listening to the various Waypoint podcasts every day on my bike ride to and from work, and wanted to join this community after hearing about it so much!

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Hey all.
Jason here.I’m 26 and have been following the podcasts specifically for a while. Finally decided to jump in on the forum as a first timer to forums in general to help force myself out of the shell I’ve been in since moving to socal from the Bay area two years ago. My prediction is that i will probably be most active in the wrestling and comics/lit threads since I haven’t gamed regularly since my early teens. maybe more active on the games side of things though on a non mechanical level

Hi! Figured I should finally actually make a forum account since I’ve been listening to the podcasts and watching the live streams forever. Excited for Savepoint!
I play a lot of TTRPGs and strategy games and I need to get myself away from Gacha games (i won’t)

Ahoy Hoy,
Ian here, 31, from the south coast of the UK, this name is a holdover from an IRC bug and bad dailup, so you can tell i’m over 25.

been a FatT fan for ages, and got converted to waypoint shortly after, been listening to waypoint radio for a while but have been worn down into returning to my old BBS days