P.T., We Hardly Knew Ye


Something about P.T. makes me want to talk about it every few months or so. It was genuinely a big reason for why I bought a PS4 and I’m glad I did while the playable teaser for the since-cancelled Silent Hills was still available.

There was just enough mystery to make you genuinely excited for the full game to come. As a marketing tool, it exceeded what it set out to do. As a horror experience, it was expertly crafted to make a small, otherwise normal hallway feel strange at first, and then increasingly terrifying with each walk through the same door.

I’ve played through it a few times now and still wonder if there are any secrets left hiding somewhere. That second baby laugh in order to see the ending is still something I can’t precisely figure out. But I have the most fun showing it off to people who have never played it before. With a small amount of guidance, it’s easy to get past the more frustrating puzzle hunt portions and just enjoy the suspense and the jump scares.

So, who still has P.T.? Do you still play it at all? Or have you only watched playthroughs from other folks like Patrick?


I still have it. It’s probably my equivalent of a VR roller coaster of me just sitting somebody down and going “okay here play this” at some point every October.

I also still find it great that, even though there’s a known way to get through the whole thing, nobody actually really knows why the techniques even work.


October, ahhh, that’s the good shit.

So what’s your method for the baby laughs? I plug the mic in and talk loudly until it happens.


Saying the name “Jarith” after the first laugh tends to work, if memory serves. For some reason. Somebody did a video on it once, but even that’s still speculation.


Oh, I remember this one. I think any J name works just as well, and that name is way too oddly specific for me to believe it was intentional.


P.T. is truly a twist in its genre in the sense that you distinctively have to learn how to trigger jumpscares by your very own. The building of tension and pressure is so masterful in this game. I’ve never ever played something like that and it’s a shame that it will most probably be forgotten thanks to its non-existence.


P.T. will always have a very special place in my heart because the very last day I left college my roommates and I came home drunk and I randomly made one of them play through it and it scared the shit out of him. Should have been sleeping as moving out the next day was miserable, but it was totally worth it.


Literally the most infamous game cancelling ever. It left such a mark, without ever really being revealed.

And the theories are still running rampant (granted they’re mostly some sort of off-shoot of "Death Stranding = P.T./Silent Hills). I love the more grounded theories about how Silent Hills was gonna be about Numbers Stations, MKULTRA, etc.