Palmer Luckey Donating Thousands to Software That Breaks Oculus Exclusivity


The co-founder, who left Facebook a few months after a political controversy, hasn't fully left VR behind.

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I get why people irked at Oculus exclusives in the first place, but their anger was misplaced. Developers I’ve spoken to over the years suggested many of those games wouldn’t have existed without Oculus stepping in with Facebook’s deep pockets and willing them into existence.

That second sentence doesn’t support the first. Facebook’s payoff for creating software to sell was sales of their software, which is perfectly fair. They could have done that without demanding exclusivity (which is exactly what their major competitor Valve have done), and that would have been consistent with Oculus’ earlier statements against exclusivity.

The anger that they went back on public commitments in order to do something anti-competitive was perfectly well placed.