Pancakes VS Waffles

Where do you stand in the breakfast war? Are you one of the chosen few hotcake warriors, or part of the unwashed waffle masses?

  • Pancakes
  • Waffles

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And if one of you says “french toast”, know that I will personally key your car. THIS IS NOT THE PLACE FOR FENCESITTING


I resent that french toast is being represented as some midpoint between pancakes and waffles, rather than it’s rightful place as the best breakfast food you’d put syrup on.


Wait… what kind of pancake are we talking?

Like this is what I had in mind.

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Pancakes don’t require single-purpose kitchen hardware. Point to pancakes, IMO.

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Personally, I’m all 'bout them dutch babies

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Single-purpose, eh?


holy shit waffle irons are like toastie makers

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Not quite what I was thinking off, but I’d still probably take them over waffles.

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I know how Mark here feels about Waffles.

A thick waffle with a perfectly crispy outside and soft, fluffy inside, covered in whip cream, is just about the most perfect food in existence. Pancakes are unquestionably inferior in every possible way.

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I eat waffles roughly 0 times a year. I eat pancakes roughly 0 times a year. I eat french toast at least twice a week. Go ahead and key my car.


I went on a trip this weekend. For breakfast there were pancakes both days. I would have rather had waffles each time.

Every time I’ve ever had pancakes, I’ve wanted waffles. Every time I’ve had waffles, I’ve never wanted a pancake.


Wow, I’m very disappointed surprised that poll is as close as it is.

There are two types of people in the world, those who like waffles, and those who’ve yet to try them.


I own a waffle iron. I would rather dump batter on a hot surface than into that aberrant torture device masquerading as a food utility item.

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Let the record show I accidentally voted for pancakes instead of waffles, so please correct when taking final account of this poll.
I wish I could explain it, but there’s something about pancakes and french toast that make me incapable of having more than a few bites, even if I’m super hungry. After less than one pancake my body will refuse to eat anymore. A good waffle though? Or even better, chicken and waffles? You can’t stop me.


waffles are only good for chicken and waffles
pancakes every other time

Pancakes are an awful flop of whatever. Waffles are beautifully structured to be perfect syrup vessels. A more practical design simply does not exist. Waffles forever.

(Although French Toast > pancakes EZ also)


Pancakes are for children. Like, I’m not saying they’re bad. They’re still good. But they’re the chicken strips of breakfast.


Ask me again tomorrow, I’ll have a different answer.

Mods! I will not be belittled for my love of chicken tendo’s!!! Delete this!