Paradox games are pretty cool, but the fanbase makes me uncomfortable. (TW: Racism)

I’m a huge fan of 4x games, so naturally, I dabble in Grand Strategy as well. Lately I’m playing a lot of Stellaris since the new expansion is fantastic.

Now I’m not a huge Reddit user, and I feel like the quality of posting on Reddit has gone further and further downhill, so I tend to stay away from news and political subs, since I can’t let any bigoted or ignorant speech go.

Imagine my surprise to see this thread on /r/Stellaris:

This coming after a mod last year that removed all non-white humans from the game. To Paradox’s credit, they did remove the Mod, but I still fee like they don’t do enough to discourage these elements in their communities. It feels wrong to me that they’re effectively taking these people’s money and don’t call it out in the community at large. I definitely don’t want to participate in their community after seeing this stuff. What do you all think?

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