Paradox Tales AKA I had to murder my firstborn for the greater good

If there is ever a company I fanboy for, it’s Paradox Interactive. I have spent literal years of my life in their games from the dark ages of Crusader Kings, through the rise of nations in Europa Universalis and Victoria, to the raging world war of Hearts of Iron, and finally into the stars in Stellaris. And through it all, there is one common theme: we are terrible people in the name of the Greater Good™.

So, this thread is for your stories of the great, terrible, or just funny things that have occurred in your Paradox games.

One of my most memorable comes from Crusader Kings 2. I had started in the dark ages as a Slavic lord on the Baltic coast and established a new empire of Baltica that ruled over much of modern Poland and Germany. I was starting to get lots of Romuvan territory and conversion was slow, so I decided to establish a theocratic kingdom in the region to speed up conversions. I established a Hierophant and gave them a sizable kingdom and let them be. After a few decades, I discovered that the Hierophant had since expanded to nearly three times it’s original size, reaching all the way from heart of Poland to the Caucus. Soon after, my emporer died and the nation broke into two kingdoms, my heartland and the Hierophant’s theocracy. Suddenly, my potential military power was cut in half and the power hungry Hierophant declared war…and so ended my glorious rise in fall, under my own religious oppression.

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