Paranormal/Unexplained Experiences in Video Games?


To this day I’m still not convinced that this was a dream, but when was around 10 years old I was booting up our SNES to play Super Mario World

when suddenly the title screen crashed and accompanying the glitched up mess was the audio of Bowser’s laugh from SUPER MARIO 64

The thing is we didn’t own a N64 and I was only ever aware of Mario 64 from watching friends and relatives play it, this sounds like a bad creepypasta but I still believe it happened.

Would love to hear any experiences y’all have had?


Me and my two siblings all played the first Tony Hawk on N64 constantly. At the start of each run, we’d always quickly pause and switch the BGM to Goldfinger’s Superman.
Doesn’t matter what track was currently playing, we all wanted those funky rude boy horns. It was all ska, all the time.
But after awhile, we stopped going into that pause menu… because the game refused to play ANYTHING but Superman.
It really spooked me as a kid. I’m not sure if the cartridge was corrupted or what, but I can no longer listen to Goldfinger without a shiver down my spine.


Okay. This is something that’s stuck with me for a very long time. And, I’m almost positive it was my very young brain playing tricks on me. But, I’m traumatized nonetheless, so… idk.

I was 5 or 6 years old when I played The Hobbit for Gamecube, and in the beginning when you’re in Bilbo’s house and Gandalf comes to visit, I waited a while in his house, doing whatever it is a 6 year old kid who can hardly read/write, let alone play video games would do: just walk around the house.

Anyways, I swear to god that Gandalf’s skin changed from it’s normal tone to a grey-ish skeleton like texture. I was so scared I immediately turned off the Gamecube and I didn’t touch the game for weeks.

I’ve never heard/seen any evidence of this happening to anyone else, and I have no reason to believe the developers would even include such a thing in the first place, but this memory is so clear to me.

This is the first time I’ve ever told this story.

I think it’s so hilarious now, considering how ludicrous this sounds, and how kind of obscure that specific game is.


This isn’t paranormal or unexplained, but I only recently found this out as an adult. When I was a kid I was convinced Black & White was haunted af.

Why did I think this? Well, the game occasionally whispered my fucking name. I remember quitting and leaving it for a week. At the time I was a kid and had a very low tolerance for creepyness or horror.

So it turns out that it has large list of real names and it somehow pulls yours by looking at your windows registration credentials.