Partnered Articles That Aren't On The Site


So I was scrolling through Instagram, and I saw an ad for Waypoint. Shocked that, for once, my ad feed has something that applies to me, I checked it out because it also seemed to be a new article. The article was called “A Self-Made Game Dev is Changing the Industry On Her Own Terms”, and was about a developer Renee Gittins (without a listed author?). It was also followed by an article by Victoria Rose called “Fighting Hate Through Empathetic Game Development” about a developer named Daniel Kelley.

But when I went to my computer to read it (I don’t much like reading on my phone), I had trouble finding it… at all. In fact, the only place I could find it on my browser was a link posted on Reddit. Both of these seemed to be “partner content” in association with Alienware. I was also struck by the tone of these headlines, which seem… let’s say “optimistic” by Waypoint standards.

So what’s going on? Are these Waypoint articles, or something else? Why aren’t they showing up on the site?


Hey there - These are branded editorial meaning funded by an ad partner so you won’t see them on the Waypoint editorial feed.