Pathfinder Online

Anyone playing? How is it? I’m asking for two reasons. First, they are promising something very interesting to me:

A Fantasy Sandbox
The world of Pathfinder Online is highly persistent. You will make meaningful impacts on the world as you build structures, create a economy of player character crafted goods, and struggle for territorial control.

But mostly this (emphasis mine.):

A Player Driven Economy
With the exception of some low-level gear for new players all the equipment, supplies, building materials, and consumables in the game will be created by player characters from resources they harvest and exchanged via in game markets. Characters will have to arrange to transport their raw materials, intermediate processed components, and finished goods to crafting facilities and then to active markets.

I played “ArcheAge”, gimme that but better. But can they do it? Yes, I know it’s not finished, but maybe there are glimpses of what that game can be (“Everquest Next”, I hope).

Second is more Waypoint related. How’s community? How’s low TTRS (Time To Racial Slur) in chat? Ganking? Griefing? You know, that “fun” stuff that can destroy any enjoyment of a game. Maybe there are already Waypointers there, or we can start a community. If the game worth it, of course.

Maybe you never played yourself, but encountered good video series about it, that’s good too.

And I’m asking now, because you can get some sort of early access for a low price of one US dollar on Humble Bundle.

So, yeah, I’m full of questions :­)

There’s a Pathfinder Online? Huh

The pitch on the humble bundle sounds like it’s promising the moon but games that do that rarely deliver anything as far off as the 711 down the street though so I can’t say my hopes are high sadly

Well since it’s only a dollar and I don’t have much else to do, I bought it. Will do a large write-up after I play a little of it. If there’s anything you specifically want to know, hit me up. I’ve got a lot of MMO experience at this point (Everquest, WoW, FFXIV, Archage, TERA, EVE, Black Desert, Mabinogi, Guild Wars, GW2) so it will be interesting to see how this one stacks up.

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@VulpesAbsurda Yes, there is. Surprise! :­)

And don’t ask my why it is “Pathfinder Online”. I mean, we have brawlers and RTS with D&D license, so why not sandbox MMO then.

@Octopodes Awesome! I’m not sure that I have something specific I want to know, but, as I said, I’m mostly interested in sandbox-y stuff. And how toxic it is, if at all. They seems to be a small developer, so I’m not sure they have resourses to moderate that stuff.

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So I redeemed the code and installed the game. Here’s a little preliminary to whatever else I can scrounge up from Pathfinder Online.

  1. This game is early. When they say early development, they mean early. The models looks like they’re cut straight from Neverwinter Nights 2 and the animations look no better.

  2. The game has some terrible UI. I’m talking Everquest levels of “what the heck am I doing”

  3. Some quests straight up don’t work right now. There’s an early tutorial quest to go to each camp and take their “[Class] tutorial” quest. The [Class] tutorial giver wants you to complete the [Class] training tutorial first, and the [Class] training tutorial giver wants you to complete the [Class] tutorial first…

So for now, save your money. I’ll dive back in tomorrow and see if there’s really anything to this game yet. The chat was completely empty besides one person complaining that deleting characters takes too long and a few people telling him that there’s no reason to delete a character. Possibly during prime-time it might get a little livelier.

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Well, it’s just a dollar. Is there a reason to buy it now and wait for, I dunno, a year, most likely, until the game is more playable? Like, what you getting for that dollar? (Website is very unhelpful, and not being updated at all, it seems.)

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You get 30 day membership with the $1. The MMO is not free, so it seems like if you want to continue playing after that you’ll need to pay their subscription fee of $14.95 a month.

Also there’s a rather interesting system with the experience points. You seem to gain 100xp/hour automatically and then use that experience to purchase roles, which are talents and abilities. It also implies that higher levels of these roles will cost “gold coins” which could be the in-game currency or potentially some microtransaction later on.

Here’s a “new player’s guide” which might clear up a few more of the game mechanics itself. I suppose for $1 it might be worth it just to check it yourself, but it all depends.

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Subscription, huh. It would make my friends way more harder to convince, and without people to play with, those games are mostly meaningless.

But keep posting, I’m still curious!

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So bit of a derail since it’s not an mmo type deal you can play with your friends, but if you have some attachment to pathfinder, just fyi in case you didn’t know there’s a pathfinder crpg in the works. I only know about it because human stretch goal Chris Avellone is involved:

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