Patreon brand redesign, new features

Some big stuff happening at Patreon today!

Membership: The Future for Creators, “Welcome to the next phase of Patreon”

Patreon’s New Features: Tools to Run Your Membership Business

I really do not like their new logo. It’s too abstract.


I’m seeing a lot of negative feedback from creators at the moment on the new brand direction. Looks like they’re risking losing existing user base in an attempt to go into some sort of “new phase” of the business. I imagine they will have to reconsider some things.

I’m probably missing something obvious, but I’m not really clear on what the negative takeaways from this update are (aside from people not liking the logo, which is whatever). All of the additional feature adds, and the parts of the site redesign that I’ve seen, seem like good things.

The negative feedback is that the brand change will damage acquisition for small businesses/creatives because people won’t immediately recognise Patreon links anymore on external sites.

Quote from Erica June (aurahack) via Twitter:

Why did the redesign include a new logo that is now going to make it really difficult for smaller creators to create awareness of our page? We use the old logo on our banners and sties because it’s universally known as the Patreon logo; now we have to start from scratch. Now we either stick with the old logo cuz it’s what users recognise or use the new one and do PR for you to say it’s the new logo. Like it’s cool and I’m happy for the new features but have y’all considered how smaller creators actually use your service? It’s a very different world for those of us that don’t make $25k per month. We NEED to build awareness as quickly as possible and this actively hurts that. Especially when you don’t use the small “P” logo visibly anywhere on the website. I’m excited for the new features and I hope you don’t blame me for continuing to use the old logo cuz I need it to make a living.

Quote from Dina Abou Karam (SkulldelaCreme) via Twitter:

*sees new Patreon design* Oh no baby what! is you doing???


Okay, so for the most-part it literally is just the logo, that makes more sense. I can understand the concern, the new logo really isn’t that distinctive, so if you updated a logomark embed it might be confusing. Personally, I would just use the coral wordmark where possible:


and probably start using the coral or navy logomark after a couple of months have passed:



but obviously that would depend a lot on where you’re using these marks.

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Not sure what the value add of the new logo is for anybody. They’re not a soda, their brand recognition hasn’t gotten stale.


This whole pitch felt kind of like a snub to small creators. Lots of invite only, lots of celebration of the biggest creators. I think they’re trying to attract people who are already successful as opposed to the core of people who use/need Patreon, small scale artists and teams.

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Not directly related to the logo change, but I thought this comment on the article brought up an interesting point


That’s definitely a good point. Nothing wrong with the tools being available for those who want them, but they seem to be leaning into this aspect hard.

I haven’t looked at what their rules are for using their new branding material but if they are expecting everyone to use those colors they have another thing coming.

It is even more so concerning because people seem to forget that the people they watch and look up to online have private lives that don’t necessarily require you knowing what they are doing 24/7. It leads to unhealthy expectations of you thinking you know someone who you have never met.

My perspective may be off here, because I don’t support any art Patreons (Patreoni?), but I think the idea that the connection people are getting is disingenuous is unfair both to the creators and the patrons. If Mr. Santos is uncomfortable sharing that way it’s up to him, but to state that there is something unhealthy about people sharing their process (or lives) with the people who enjoy their work seems to me to point more hang-ups he needs to examine rather than any problem with artists on Patreon.

Something that @itsSupercar has brought up that I think is worth mentioning is this:
I think it’s quite doubtful that artists will use those colours on their portfolio websites or what-have-you, if only because that is a really harsh clash. itsSupercar suggests recolouring it in the old orange monochrome, which goes against Patreon’s style guide, but at least makes it a one-for-one sub with the old logo.

People seem pretty jazzed about the other parts, though?