Patrick's Solo Son Adventure: Breakfast and Battlegrounds (Part 6)


With Austin out of town, Patrick heads into the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds killing fields on his own, in search of murder.

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Shoulda stuck to his murderhouse.

The one tip I would give is to use the fact that the game is 3rd person to check every door before walking through.


wait, what happened to four and five? who’s wrong and is it me?


Check yourself before you wreck yourself, Klepek!


I’m confused too. Unless this is the 6th match?


oh that’s true, it might be’s up on youtube as 4th though


TumbleSeed didn’t do much for me, ultimately? I still want to play some more of it, but Spelunky 2.0 is is not…


The more “roguelike” games I play, the more I’m convinced I don’t actually like them, I just really like Spelunky.

Now actual roguelikes in the RPG sense, those I do quite enjoy.


Patrick could use more map awareness. He targeted an area directly along the flight path, with 2 to his west and 8 to his east. Then he went to the houses directly along the flight path to his east. He died with pretty much no equipment, despite being top 20.


I was ready for some MURDERRRRRR

And I guess I got some MURDERERRRRRR, just not the way Patrick was wanting, I guess

10/10 would watch Patrick marking people again