Paweł Adamowicz, Gdańsk city major, dies after stabbing during biggest fundraising event in Poland


It is with a great deal of sadness that I have to report that a Gdańsk city major, Paweł Adamowicz has died today after getting stabbed with a knife yesterday. This is easily the biggest national tragedy in Poland since the crash of presidential plane in 2010. Only time will tell if it will end up affecting polish politics in upcoming years.

It’s a tragedy that hits very close at home since Gdańsk is my city and I have personally met Adamowicz on several occasions.

While I wouldn’t call him my first choice for outstanding politician, the fact is that in recent years he took active part in supporting immigrants and LGBT rights, especially important under current government.

He was a second polish Major to take part and open a Pride March in 2017, a fact even more important since a decade earlier he had banned an LGBT related event for ‘moral reasons. He supported creation of a public body that would monitor equally rights in Gdańsk explicitly highlighting protection of LGBT rights, a first case of such body in Poland and something that proved to be extremely controversial.

This is not to say he was a perfect man or politician but it is extremely rare for a polish politician, especially someone who has been a major for 20 years, not only change for better but to actively work for human rights.

Będę za tobą tęsknił, Pawle…


Holy shit…

Any word on reasoning? I had read that a lot of fascist elements were gaining ground in Poland, and I had heard about that right wing parade that had happened a while back.

Was this a political assassination?


It seems to be on more personal ground: the attacker was recently released from jail and after stabbing shouted it was a revenge aganist ‘PO’ , a party Adamowicz used to belong to, for ‘unfairly arresting him’. There is chance he is related to far right but he also was in prison for five years so I dunno if we can real blame current political climate in Poland for this murder.

But due to this event, the fact several far right organizations have publicly called for murder of several politics of opposition parties, including Adamowicz, makes words of condolences from PiS, the current ruling party in Poland, who agreed to hold joint-but-not-real march with the same organizations that shouted for traitors blood, extremely in poor taste.

Even more the fact PiS wants to take part in marches aganist violence while themselves being a good source of violence those past few years.


In addition, the fact it happened during an event PiS actively fights against (WOŚP) in a very, very violent way (recently they got in trouble since the public television controlled by government has aired a ‘satirical’ stop motion animation that painted the organization as a way for PO to get rich, and referenced verry blantly the idea of ‘rich jews rule the world) makes a lot of attempts at solidarity ring very hollow.

Here’s summary of what WOŚP is:


I saw this news article and am immensely saddened by it. We’re not very far out from the assassination of a UK politician (Jo Cox – although the political motives here seem much more questionable) and I hope that Adamowicz’s legacy isn’t as quickly forgotten, especially as, from what I understand of him, he was playing an important role in advocating for human and LGBT rights in a moment where these are in doubt from the central government.


The last weeks has been so werid. Almost everyday there has been an event related to Adamowicz’s death and each time so many people come. The entire city feels like it’s stuck in a horrible nightmare. I joined procession to church for a little while and I don’t think I saw this many people on any event in Gdańsk for as long as I have lived. It was so massive.

PiS annouced they won’t offer a candidate for next mayor elections since how overwhelming Adamowicz win was in last election against their candidate. It makes me a bit more hopeful for what’s next since the most dangerous and likely candidate to win was already eliminated at the start.

What is getting me down on this situation even more is that… nobody will learn anything from it! There will be no stopping the share amount of violence, both mental and physical, not when it’s the language the ruling party uses (and who’s public tv has already used Adamowicz’s death as a cheap attack on his former party the same day he died while denying any possibility of political reasons for the murder). Nobody learned anything when Narutowicz died (and that one was very clearly done by member of far right), nobody will learn anything now. The people who need the lesson, what violent political language can do, do not care.

This is the video from the evening of Adamowicz’s death. I never seen so many people be so absolutely heartbroken.