PAX Unplugged 2017

Is anyone planning to attend PAX Unplugged (Nov 17th-19th in Philadelphia)?

There isn’t much info about it yet but 3 day badges are only $60.

Has anyone attended PAX (East/West/South/Australia) and have thoughts/opinions on what the tabletop areas are like?

I’ve done PAX West and South. West was 2013, and the tabletop areas were strewn around hotels. So the selection wasn’t always great but sometimes you’d get access to small conference rooms which made gaming feel a bit more chill than the more wide open rows of tables at PAX South. Still, South felt more centralized and all the games were at one set of tables and there was always something interesting available. I went to South 2015 and 2017.

I’ve been thinking about going as well but I’m feeling hesitant because I’ll probably be going alone. I think they should outline their plans a bit more, as well.

The Tabletop area of PAX East is the best part of the show. If they come close to matching that spirit at Unplugged, then it should be a blast.

I live in Philly where it’s happening and would really want a chance to play a lot of board games and rpgs so it would silly for me not to go but I’m also concerned that I’d likely being going alone.

They just announced the full exhibitor list:

I’ll probably give this year’s a pass and then see what happens next year, or just go to Gencon next year.

Gencon was simply too big. I spent basically all of my time wondering around the dealer room and then desperately trying to stay awake in the late hours playing games. I may give PAX unplugged a shot next year, because I loved Gencon but at the same time I wish it was more intimate.

I’ll be there, I live in Philly. I’ve never been to a gaming convention (board or video game). My friends play much more than I do, but I’m under the impression this is mostly an excuse to try games out before you buy them.

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I’ll be there with my roommate! It seems like it’ll be a great place to try new stuff, and if I can drag him into it, possibly play with new people.

Also, Shut Up and Sit Sown will be there. Depending on the line I might go see them live!

I haven’t been to a PAX in about 4 years, so the atmosphere may have changed. It was almost always a good time. People were typically excited to bring in new players, and most disagreements never got too heated. I enjoyed it so much that after a few years pretty much all I did was play tabletop stuff there. Had my first game of Fiasco, Call of Cthullu, Dominion, Netrunner, Dark Heresy… actually this list keeps going for a while so I’ll stop there. The point is that I enjoyed each of those first times, even if the mechanics of the games didn’t do it for me. I also played what is probably an unhealthy amount of Mafia/Werewolf in hotels.

Bought tickets for Friday and Saturday because it seemed silly not to go when it’s just a long walk or short bus ride from my apartment. Nervous about going alone but excited to just spent both those days playing indie rpgs

Hi, new user here (coming from NeoGAF) but I’ll be attending PAX Unplugged. It will be my first PAX and first gaming convention, so I’m really hoping for a good time. And hopefully I can get a nice long game of Food Chain Magnate or something of similar weight that I can’t normally play.

I’ll see how PAX Unplugged goes but I might do the Shut Up and Sit Down convention in Vancouver instead if they do it again next year. Wayyyyyyyyy smaller.

Bumping cause it’s tomorrow. I’m getting in tonight, and am very excited!

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Going on Saturday with some family. It’s going to be interesting because they are way, way more in to tabletop games then me so I’ll be curious to see just how out of place I feel. My only goal is not to ruin other people’s time by playing poorly.

It was fun! Also now I’m into Magic the Gathering, RIP savings account.

Yeah I had a good time. I’ve never been to any PAX period so the whole thing was overwhelming at first but people were genuinely nice and supportive. I entered the Destiny tournament with exactly two games under my belt and someone else’s deck, but my opponents were really gracious and one was helpful when I made a small mistake mid-game. The whole experience was just incredibly positive and accepting, which was refreshing to see in something that is at lest somewhat related to Penny Arcade. At least it seemed that way from what I witnessed, as a white guy I wouldn’t have any of it thrown my way, so other people may have felt differently.

Got to see lots of really interesting stuff. It made me wish I was more into tabletop games or had a group to play with somewhat regularly because with limited knowledge of the lingo or history, I could only grasp so much from things on display. Being told this new game is a lot like X isn’t helpful when you know nothing about X. It’s also hard to get excited about some really awesome looking sprawling campaign game when you know you have absolutely no way of playing it in real life. Obviously these are more my issue than the con’s.

The game library you could rent from was massive, I wish I had more opportunity to dig into it but I was only there for Saturday and part of my group was occupied for large chunks of the day in other tournaments and DMing games. I hope to go next year, maybe bring a few more people and a more set game plan. The whole thing seemed like a massive success with tons of people in attendance, so I imagine next year will learn from this one and draw in even more people. I got a sushi burrito in Chinatown for lunch which was incredible, and made me sad when I saw so many people walking around with Burger King or Taco Bell bags. Reading Terminal market is across the street and Chinatown is a block away, you are footsteps away from incredible local food.

Also, please for the love of god make it a weekend other than the one immediately before Thanksgiving…


TBF, I walked in the Terminal market on Friday morning, saw 3 mice run across the floor, and went to DD instead.

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I was going to say something about big cities and mice, then I remembered the Hannibal Buress bit about New Orleans and stopped myself. I don’t know what it says about me that I’d still rather eat at Reading Terminal even after that, but I can totally understand being skeeved.

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