Paying Your Game Master


I had a friend approach me about paying me to run a D&D campaign for his girlfriend and a few of their friends. I’d honestly never heard of that kind of thing. I’ve heard of groups chipping in for the DM’s materials, adventure modules, monster minis (back in 3.5) stuff like that. In my last group we always paid for food and drinks for our DM by default.

I only get a couple of nights off a week, so I do think that time is valuable and I’ll probably take the money. Has anyone heard of or been in this arrangement? Thoughts or advice? Any ideas on how I can value-add to make each session worthwhile?


Sounds OK? Especially since they offered and I imagine y’all best understand your respective time commitments. I imagine this arrangement is in the context of a game that has a powerful, well-defined GM role too.

I do think perhaps you should offer to have “Session 0” and maybe even Session 1 to be free or whatever, just to make sure everyone’s on board and excited to continue the game? Adding money into the equation adds a greater deal of obligation to deliver and an expectation to receive what has been paid for, so it’s probably best to make sure the game is one everyone wants to play before money is involved.

That last point is maybe no big deal if you’re already familiar with the group and have GM’d for them, but feels like a reasonable precaution to me, anyhow. This is all just stuff I’ve thought of hypothetically.


Yeah, I was leaning toward offering a character creation session and the prep to actual gameplay for free. I don’t intend to charge for any prep hours or anything, just for the actual time at the table.

One idea I had to make it special was this. I want to use my experience running writing workshops to help players write their character backstories as a series of in-world documents: arrest reports, news articles, royal commendations, wills, wanted posters, stuff like that. Then I’ll make those into realistic props and introduce them throughout the campaign, potentially with art of their characters added as things go on.


I honestly Thought about this the Hiring part. I was unsure if its a thing or where I would look.In my group of friends that have an interest in role playing games they look to me to take charge and some times I just want play I was ecstatic To buy and play the Quit year with them so they could help world build and help make shape of a world. we will someday play a campaign in. But at this point I would love to have someone Come in run a few games.

I would get a sense of The other players and how into it they are would be my only advice my core group at the start was 5 to 6 when we first started and played hero quest but when we moved on to The DnD Legend of Drizzt Board game and slowly mixed more 3.5 and less board into it we lost both of them for some arbitrary reasons that boiled down to Board Game Good RolePlay pain