[PBF][Recruitment Closed] A Horror Game


Hi everyone! :grinning:

I’ve been lurking on the Tabletop Forums for about a week now, and I thought it might be fun to gauge any interest in starting up a Play-By-Forum game.

At present, I have a notion to GM a horror-themed game using the 2nd Edition rules of Unknown Armies. Would anyone be interested in playing? No worries if you’re not familiar with the system–I’ve perfectly happy to teach! Any experience level is welcome!

Here’s a small FAQ, just in case you’re curious on details:

-Yeah, but I’m like, really new at this. Would I still be able to play?

Yup! Everyone has to start somewhere. If you’re willing to learn, I’m willing to teach. Plus, everyone here is super nice!

-How many people would be playing?

I think three to five people is a good group to shoot for.

-So, do we have to meet at a certain time?

Nope! I imagine everyone is going to be in different time zones, so everyone will just post their characters actions when they have time.

-How often would I be expected to post actions?

I think if players can commit to around 3 posts a week, we should be okay. Of course, I personally will try to commit to more than that, being the GM and all. I’ll also do my best to try to respond to questions within a day or two, and often much sooner.

-These games have dice rolls, right? How will that work?

There are programs that can help a player group keep track of dice rolls for accountability, but I’d much rather just place trust in my players. There’s plenty of online dice rollers available for free, and I’ll trust my players to report their dice rolls honestly. After all, even bad rolls can create interesting stories!

-A horror story? I’m concerned about potential themes.

Due to the nature of horror stories, I want to be very clear that if we get this off the ground a discussion about boundaries and limits (as per part of the discussion in the wonderful Feminism, intersectionality and tabletop RPGs thread) will definitely occur to make sure that the game will be spooky fun for all players. And even if the players have agreed to allow certain elements, I’ll do my best to mark content warnings for readers should sensitive topics come up.

Thanks everyone!

[PBF] The Wise Are Silent

Sure, I’d be down! I have never ever been part of a table top RPG, the closest I’ve gotten was when I played in a wrestling e-fed around 9 years ago, but if you say it’s not going to be a problem then I’m all for giving it a go.


Yeah, sounds like fun. Count me in


Hooray! Welcome aboard :blush:

@Mike , any experience with tabletops, or just starting out?


Starting out! I’m a quick and eager learner though.


I’d be up for this! absolutely brand new, no experience but have been looking into this stuff recently.


Wow, three players already! That’s awesome!

Well jeez, we already have enough people to get this going. I’ll leave the recruitment thread open for another day just in case we fill up the last two spots, and then I’ll move forward with explaining character creation and mechanics and so on.

In the meantime, do you all have any favorite horror touchstones? Movies, books, games, shows, anything? I’m juggling a few concepts around but I’d like to see what’s all on the table, so to speak.


ive played a couple of twine-type text based horror games but i really liked my uncle who works for nintendo


Ooh, good pull. I really like that one too!


I have always been fascinated by the concept of cosmic horror a la lovecraft but have never really sat down and studied it. I would say that I generally enjoy gothicism and stuff with a psychological edge to it. My favorite “horror” show if you could call it that, and favorite show of all time coincidentally is the Hannibal series with Mads Mikkelsen, because of how oppressively atmospheric it was as well as how much it played on the duality of emotion vs apathy.


I’ve been meaning to watch Hannibal but haven’t had the time yet. I’ve heard so many good things, though!


It’s incredible! Aesthetically it blows everything I’ve seen on tv out of the water, and it’s so smart about it as well. The first season is a bit murder of the week-ish but it uses it to progress the overarching storyline of how Will Graham slowly loses his mind thanks to Hannibal “helping” him. The second season is the best season of tv I have ever seen, full stop, and the finale is just earth shattering. I can’t recommend it enough to anyone who likes horror in general or are just fascinated with the Lecter character.


Get Out is by far my favourite horror “thing” of the last decade or so. Other favourites are Rec, Alien, bits and pieces of American Horror Story (Asylum, the aesthetic and setting of Hotel), Silent Hill 2.


Yusss, good good good. I’ll have some more questions for everybody once we start making characters, but for now I’ll percolate on these items.

In the meantime, let me know if you all have any questions!


this isn’t quite for me but i just wanted to pop in and say that this really makes me happy

i used to rp on a hellsite for trash people and the thought of wp becoming a place for that that isn’t just uniformally terrible: gasp

wishing y’all well


I don’t think I’m down for this one, because I’m just not really feeling a horror RPG right now…

…but if anyone else wants to steal this idea and run something differently themed, I think this is a really cool idea for the forum. :slight_smile:


Definitely! I’d love to see more PBFs on the Waypoint. Be the change you want to see, right? :smile:


If I weren’t already balancing two games I’d be so into this. Good luck! I’m excited to read it.


I would typically be very interested, but would actually rather just observe this game as it goes to see how it plays out in this format before I commit to anything. Best of luck!!


Thanks! Totally understand–I haven’t done a solely horror genre tabletop game in the PDF format yet, so it’ll be a bit of an experiment for me as well. Lots of enthusiasm, though! :grinning: