[PBF][Recruitment Closed] A Horror Game

Will this be set in the US? Planning my character to do a sport and setting will help me pick which

My inclination is to usually resist US-centrism in stories, but in this case I think a non-specific US setting would be fine. Sound okay?

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Yeah that’s fine! I don’t mind it being elsewhere at all just might look funny if my character is a college football player in Spain or something :slight_smile:

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@Z-Paran0ia how specific do the passions have to be? I can’t help but feel them get kind of intertwined when I do it like this, for example:

Fear Passion: losing control
Noble Passion: losing people he cares for
Rage Passion: being pressured into stressful situations

They should be pretty specific. Since the Passions let character flip-flop/reroll a check in a tense situation, that situation has to be very concrete. "Losing Control"is vague; Fear of drowning is specific.

I’ll list out a few examples to help out!

Example 1
Fear: Car crashes (Violence Stress)
Noble: Children.
Rage: Jerk Taxi Drivers.

Example 2
Fear: That People Will Know My Terrible Secret (Self Stress)
Noble: Endangered Animals.
Rage: Nail biters.

Example 3
Fear: Satanism (Unnatural Stress)
Noble: The elderly.
Rage: Hippies.

Example 4
Fear: Losing My Mind (Helplessness Stress)
Noble: Assault Survivors.
Rage: Corporate Suits.

Does that clear it up a bit? Let me know if you have any questions–I could talk about this all day! :smile:

I’m equally ok with a US setting. Do we want to give an extremely loose description of characters we’re thinking so we can very vaguely take in the “feel” of the team, and make sure we’re not crossing streams?

If so:

[spoiler]I’m thinking an early thirties woman, grew up in a rich family but was always the black sheep. Did a ton of drugs and fucked off in high school. Not goth, more like “80’s New Order” girl that got high in her car before school and would smoke cigarettes in the bathroom. However we see her in her early thirties, maybe a photographer or something, but is just barely able to “adult” correctly. Despite never having made anything of herself, she’s brutally intelligent but highly neurotic. Think: every character Parker Posey has ever played.

She would probably be good at analysis and seeing the unseen. For combat, she taught herself how to shoot after being mugged after leaving a bar a few years back, so she carries a snub nose in her purse. Bad temper and flies off the handle easily.[/spoiler]

EDIT: I should have my character written up by Monday as well (working through the weekend as well as wrapping up a few pitches)

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Sure, that sounds good to me! This will give everyone (mostly me :smile: ) some ideas for questions as well, once we get to that stage.

new question: does creating a new skill have a point cost or do they start out at zero?

Created Skills start out at 0%! They can be increased with points on a 1-for-1 cost.

So for example, let’s say you made your Body Stat 60, and wanted to create two new Skills: “Aqua Lung” and “Surfboarding”. You might break it down like this:

Body - 60 (Summer Bod)
General Athletics: 25% (+10 points here.)
Struggle: 15% (+0 points here. Not much fighting on a beach, I guess!)
Aqua Lung: 20% (+20% here. This Created Skill started at 0%, but we pumped it up.)
Surfboarding: 30% (+30% here. Same as above, with a little more feeling.)

Long answer for a short question! :smile: Let me know if you need more clarification.

thanks man, this is really helpful! Can you simply leave a skill at 0% at the start of the game or do they all need a minimum of points put into them? (outside of the 4 main ones)

Sure thing!

Every skill you start with should be higher than 0%, and I would recommend having at least 15% in all your Created Skills so you’ll be able count on them for Minor Checks (you’re rolling the dice on Significant and Major checks though–pun intended, haha).

Just to be sure I understand the stress notches, one notch is prescribed a value from 1-10 depending on the severity and for each hardened stress we assign before the game we should assign a failure stress of equal value? or is each stress valued at one and we can for example assign 2 in violence and 1 in self as long as they have equal failure value?

shit, does this even make sense??

Haha, a bit convoluted, but yeah, I see what you’re getting at! I’m not convinced I did a good job explaining Stress Notches, so let me try again with an example. We’ll start with a better picture of how you might see Stress Notches on a character sheet:


Right, so we’re working with a character here that’s pretty fresh–doesn’t have any hardened notches or failed notches under Violence. Just a normal person living their life.

Let’s put this person through a really rough day. They’re on their way to work, and suddenly a random stray dog burst out of a back alley and tries to maul them. This is equivalent to Level 1 Violence Stress. The character rolls against their Mind Stat and fails–they freak out! Rather than frenzy out on the dog or freeze up in fear, they do the sensible thing and run the hell away. But since they failed that Stress Check, that’s one Notch under Failed. Now the sheet looks like this:


Our character manages to get away from the dog by hiding inside a building. The adrenaline fades and they try to get on with their day. As they’re walking, they start to hear shouting down another alley. They look–someone is being mugged at knife point! The mugger yanks away the wallet and cuts the victim deep across the cheek before fleeing. Witnessing this is Level 2 Violence Stress. Our character rolls against their Mind Stat, and this time succeed! They’re scared, but master their fear to help out the victim. They mark a Hardened Notch, but they mark the lowest unmarked number.

Now our character’s sheet looks like this:


So let’s say our character is walking home after work now, and that same stray dog comes loping out of that same alley to attack again. It’s still a Level 1 Violence Stress. But since our character is already Hardened to Level 1 Violence Stress, they don’t have to roll a Stress check. They’ve seen worse today than this mean dog.

Now, looping back to your original question!

You can give yourself up to three hardened notches divided over the 5 Stresses before the start of the game, as long as you give yourself the same number of Failed Notches in the same Stress. So, if you give yourself 2 Hardened Notches in Violence and 1 Hardened Notch in Self before the start of the game, you should also give yourself 2 Failed Notches in Violence and 1 Failed Notch in Self. Like this!


Does that help? Sorry, another huge answer for a short question! :sweat:

man, this is great! thanks a lot Z, I think I’m done with my character creation, is it cool if I send it to you on Discord to look over it and see if everything is on the up and up?

Super helpful! The visual guides really help to clarify.

Speaking of which, is there a character sheet I missed? If not, I totally don’t mind making an ad-hoc one!

Sure thing! Yeah, send it on over and I’ll take a look when I have a moment. :slight_smile:

You could find an official one online, probably! I’m used to making ad-hoc one myself, haha. Either way is fine!

Hey @Mike and @chainsaw! We’ve got a big 'ol discord room going, so whenever you get the chance, shoot me your user names and I’ll invite you in!

Will do! Busy all weekend but I’ll get in Monday morning.

Still working on stating up my character.

Two things to keep in mind.

For you main stats: Body, Soul etc, 50% is average. For your skills, 30% is typically considered professional level. Things to keep in mind! Unless I’m wrong. I’m very rusty.


When someone with more experience finishes their character can I take a look just to check I’m not doing it totally wrong?