[PBF][Recruitment Closed] A Horror Game


You should join our discord chat! we’ve been going over it together even though 2 of us have never played the game before


Hi everyone!

Hey, sorry for the delay on Discord responses–this weekend was busier than I thought it’d be! I’ll get to your questions and feedback as soon as I can.


Sweet, send me an invite at MikeWaypoint and i’ll join!


I @Foofaraw and @NoCoastGaming would like to apologize for the clutter in the chat, haha,

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there should be a four digit number to go along with your profile name, we’ll need that to add you I think


I am great at the internet :smiley:. It’s 6480


Just think of everything @Z-Paran0ia had to get through. I’ll call it fair.


I’m all caught up, thankfully! :smile:

So far we have 3 completed characters, so we’re just waiting on those last two. Let me know if there’s any lingering questions I’ve missed!


I think I finished, let me know if I need to change something!


Hey, sorry i completely blanked on this this weekend. Im chainsaw#4098 on discord, getting on with my character now

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We have all of our characters!

Our collection of misfits includes:
-Hancock Sloan, an ex-military cynic (played by @Lassemomme)
-Molly Malloy, an alcoholic with a nasty scar (played by @NoCoastGaming)
-Jeffery McDullah, an occult-tinged musician (played by @Foofaraw)
-Riley Jenkins, an animal-loving athlete (played by @Mike)
-Murphy Parrish, a natural tinker (played by @chainsaw)

Now, we can move on to our next step. We’re going to set up out limits and boundaries for the game.

In the spirit of fun and safety, this is the part of the game where we as players agree to respect the limits of the others. I’ll offer a few rules concerning this:

1. Each player can ask that certain topics be avoided or omitted from our game. They may select as many topics as they wish–no explanation, no judgment.

2. This list is not static. If anything in the game any player feel uncomfortable, post a single capital X (text or image is fine). Again, no need to explain it. Anything X’d will be edited out and we’ll work it out from there.

3. If there is ever any issue, players should feel empowered to reach out to me directly through PMs or Discord and we can talk privately.

With that in mind, I’ll start! I’ll post mine publicly, but players can sent me a PM or Discord if they’d rather be private. These might seem obvious, but it’s better to include them anyway. Here’s a few things I’d like to keep out of our game:

-Sexual assault.
-Child Sexual Abuse.


Nothing else I’d add to that list!

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Same! All good.

Edit: I also appreciate you being so sensitive and aware of stuff like this!

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Nothing to add to the list.

Side note, my character probably goes by Viscount Viscera more often than not.

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All good with that list!

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Yeah, that seems to cover everything just fine.

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ducks in again ok i’m not taking part in this and it’s basically up to you but is it worth also avoiding trash depictions of mental health (eg: call of cthulhu lol) that horror tends to fall back on


I’ll PM you! I’m interested in talking about this.


No fish Malks? Very doable on my end!


Yep, agreed on this on. @Z-Paran0ia has been extremely good so far at making sure we all feel safe, including the forums here. Since this will be public, your feedback is more than welcome!