PC gamers, do you often use a controller instead of KB+M?


As a PC gamer, I find myself playing most games with an Xbox One controller rather than KB+M. This is for 3rd person games, side scrollers, as well as non-competitive FPS games (like Fallout 4 and Alien: Isolation). You best believe I use KB+M when playing Overwatch, though.

How about you guys?


Only for 3rd person action games, the platforming usually plays really poorly with KBM so a controller ends up being preferable.


Try and use KB+M when possible at all times, but if the game is just made for a pad and they don’t even think about KB+M really then yeah, I whip the ol’ 360 pad out.


I usually play with controller, due to having an awkward desk space cramped in a corner with very little room. The only way I can fit things is to have my keyboard on a pull out tray under the desk, with the mouse on the desk above - not exactly a comfortable position to play games in.


Last game I used a controller on was Rocket League, just can’t seem to play that game with a KB+M. I tried, but it just never felt right for me. Besides that everything else I’m able to comfortably play KB+M


Constantly. I like being on the couch after working at a desk all day.


I haven’t been deep into PC gaming for very long, but I bought a XBox 360 controller when I got started and I prefer it over a KB+M even for really light games like Stardew Valley. It’s just more efficient and comfortable for me.


I struggle with this. I didn’t really play PC games until I was much older - I grew up with a controller in my hand and never looked back. We didn’t have a computer when I was a kid. So now playing even FPS games with K+M feels off and weird to me. I can’t get used to it. This might also have something to do with how much time my friends and I played the best FPS of all time, TimeSplitters 2.

But I struggle with this because I want to be good and I think I am good - but K+M is just better for FPS games. Better as in you will be more accurate with your shots and more deadly overall. I want to play Overwatch on PC because I’ll get the best graphics and overall experience here, but I would also want to use a controller which would put me at a severe disadvantage - so I’ve just never played Overwatch. Same with stuff like PUBG or CounterStrike. Two players of the same skill level using a controller and a K+M facing off will have the K+M player winning most of the time (this is science, probably). Controllers just feel right to me.

I use K+M for Civilization, though. Because, like, c’mon.


My roommates and I love Stardew Valley. They all use K+M but I’m strictly controller. Neither side can understand how the other lives.


Yep, as often as possible. A lot more ergonomic and I like playing sitting on my bed or leaning back on my chair.


I have my games PC hooked up to my TV and it’s set up so that I can easily use a mouse and keyboard while lounging. I like to be able to use a controller, but honestly most games I use a controller for are on a console I have anyway, so the PC games I end up playing are usually more like strategy and for that I feel like I’d want a mouse (unless they have the controller stuff worked out really well, like XCOM)


I used to be a keyboard and mouse purist, but these days if a game has full controller support on Steam, I’ll most likely play it with my 3rd party Xbox One controller so I can sit back and relax.


I tried to do Keyboard and Mouse only for a long time, but gradually shifted away from that. Nowadays I’m that person who bought a Steam Controller and I use it (or an xbox 360 in certain games) on everything that isn’t a first person shooter. (You can’t rocket jump very easily on a controller and I only play FPSs that you’re able to rocket jump in.)


This might be because I was more of a console gamer growing up, but in my mind there are certain genres or gameplay styles that are better suited towards controllers. There also has to be the recognition that many key bindings of PC ports are still an afterthought to the intended console control scheme. And in general, I find playing with a controller to be a more comfortable experience for long sessions.

But getting more specific: platformers (2D and 3D), JRPGs, Rhythm games, racing games, sports games, and 3rd-person action games are examples of “controller games.” In general, I think games with a 1st person perspective play better with KB+M, but also point-and-click adventure games and anything else that was designed with a keyboard and mouse in mind.


I used KB+M for SV at first, and then pretty soon after I bought it I got the 360 Controller for another game and thought to myself “hey, would this work well with SV?” Turns out I feel like I can run the game much faster using a controller, so I never looked back.

The only problem I ever had was that moving the cursor around could be somewhat arduous, but that got fixed with the newest update.


Typically am a console gamer myself, so I’ll happily grab my Xbox One controller whenever I can.


Great Q. I use a XBONE controller for any game that is not hugely reliant on speed and accuracy. BF1 I’m all about that KB+M. Roguelikes, platformers, pretty much everything else is with my precious controller.


I primarily use a controller when possible. I just find it more comfortable personally.


For the most part I’m the opposite- I usually use KB+M even in games that are probably objectively worse without a controller; Assassin’s Creed for example. I would never try to argue that Assassin’s Creed isn’t better with a controller…but I play with KB+M anyway. I just…do.

EDIT: Thinking about it some more…I definitely use a controller for character action games like DmC or Bayonetta.

But the most common thing I’ll plug in a controller for is first person games that aren’t combat-oriented (Stanley Parable, Gone Home, The Witness, etc). What I love about those games is the sense of place and the feeling of occupying and exploring a space, examining small details. That atmosphere is hampered for me by the binary movement speed of a keyboard (you’re either standing still, or you’re pressing W and moving at full walk speed)* and the quick, darting movement of mouselook.

It seems like a really silly little thing- but in those games I want to be able to walk slowly, I want to be able to pan my view around gently.

*Semi-related: The PC versions of the early Splinter Cell games mapped multiple steps of walk speed to the mousewheel. Movement speed was important for stealth in those games so I always thought that was a smart way of making sure PC players still had the ability to sneaky movement. Haven’t seen it in any other games, to this day.


If it’s a FPS or a RTS/MOBA, KBAM all the way

Just about anything else and it’s a controller. Even third person shooters. Playing something like Gears with KBAM just doesn’t feel right. There are some exceptions though - I tried playing Terraria with a controller and the KBAM UI just feels way better.