PC gamers, do you often use a controller instead of KB+M?


I play every fighting game except tekken with an Arcade Stick but I prefer Tekken on a controller, ideally a DS4 :slight_smile: Muscle memory from the Tekken 3 with friends after school days is a hell of a drug.


I’m not big on fighters – but TEKKEN 7 and MKX (and emulators) are what my Sega Saturn controller is for. It’s a really nice controller!


I forgot to mention, I use the 8bitdo SNES pad for fighting games.


I have a Steam Controller, which I use most of the time for my PC gaming. My left wrist doesn’t enjoy WASD all that much, and my right shoulder has some complaints about how I use the mouse, especially when I’m not at a desk. The steam controller has helped me recover from those a bit.

Unfortunately, constant use of the right trackpad has messed up my thumb joint a little bit, so I’m on a controller break for a week.


For me it really depends on the genre.

If it involves any shooting at all I’ll generally prefer mouse and keyboard, because I can aim so much more efficiently.

Same with an CRPG like the new Divinity or POE.

I will use a controller for things that require precise movements like platformers though.


I’m a life long console gamer that finally got a gaming capable PC in spring 2016.

I pretty much exclusively play using my Xbox One Elite controller on my TV in the same recliner I do my console gaming it.

I’ve used mouse and kb/m here and there for some games like Civilization etc., but for the most part I just haven’t enjoyed games that require it and don’t have the time/patience to adapt for FPS and what not. Just too old and set in my ways I guess. Interest in gaming is decline some as is.


Only got into PC gaming recently don’t think I’ll ever get use to mouse and keyboard. Tried to play Mass Effect 2 but gave up after about 10 minutes.


For Japanese developed games it is my go to. I just think Japanese devs make their games with the controller at the centre of their game design choices.


I play an MMO ona MAC with a PS4 controller, I’m basically a monster :open_mouth:

I’m sure I’d get used to keyboard and mouse eventually, but any time I try, I find it really difficult to remember what keys are what, even when it comes to basic movements. I actually perform better in PC Overwatch with a controller, because I fumble with the keyboard so much, and I’ve yet to find a good mouse sensitivity.


My PC is hooked up to my living room TV so I’m 100% gamepad for every game.


I use the PC connected to the TV so I pretty much only use controller these days. I’d used an Xbox one controller for a long time but the super sensitive triggers were really starting to annoy me so I’m using a DS4 now


I used to kb/m, but like others here, ever since hooking up my PC to my TV, it’s no longer tenable to use a kb/m setup. Sucks because there are many great games that are kb/m only.


Pretty often.

I play shooters with mouse/keyboard, but for everything else I use a controller. It simply feels better for me.

In cases like GTA V I’ll use a controller, but reach for the mouse when encountering shooting sections.


Im only 12 and my family has always had a pc, because of this I never got very good with the controller setup so I usally use kb+m


90% of the time. I’ll use a controller unless its something like a strategy game or fps.


I play Overwatch with mouse and keyboard. Otherwise, I play everything else with a controller where it’s possible.


I feel like it depends on the game. Fortnite, I feel like I can play on whatever, depends on what I’m feeling like. As far as like other games, I guess it depends. Call of Duty is a game that I feel plays best on a controller, while Unreal Tournament, have to play that with a mouse and keyboard. I play Nuclear Throne exclusively with a keyboard and mouse, but Enter the Gungeon, another similar top down shooter, I play with a controller. Some games I swap back and forth on.


I honestly am trash at shooters when using a controller.

But honestly I’m trash at shooters no matter what :wink:


for me like most people it depends on the genre, but with overwatch it would depend on what character i was playing. i would mostly play winston and reaper n if i was winston it was controller and if it was reaper then mouse n keyboard


i should probably learn how to set up my laptop with an xbox controller or something because honestly i do prefer playing action-heavy games with a controller, even though people say that mouse+keyboard is better for aiming and stuff it just feels more intuitive to me. also my aim sucks anyway