PC games for a 4 year-old?

sonic and lego… or better if it’s educational… get him to learn to code.

As you might be able to tell from my avatar, I’m a fan of Commander Keen. If you’re unfamiliar with the name, this was a series of side-scrolling platform video games developed primarily by id Software for MS-DOS in the early 90’s. They’re the first games I remember playing as a youngin’ (hence the nostalgia/love) and imo they still hold up today as solid, fun games. You can grab them on Steam, GoG etc. for pretty cheap too.

I found them challenging but never to the point of frustration. Plus, if I ever got bored of dying or wanted to skip a tricky part, you can always use the GOD mode cheat (press G+O+D) and just fly everywhere on the pogo stick. :yum:

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For the Lego games, I’ve had better results with those that have large open-world segments, particularly the Marvel Super Heroes game. Once that’s unlocked the kid can travel all over the city committing chaos, running races, and doing mini quests if they like. Much more suitable than the missions.

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@SeriuzBiznus Thanks for the suggestion! It reminded me that I had completely overlooked the huge catalog of DOS games that exist.

I could easily load up familiar stuff for him like Pac-Man, and then there’s educational stuff from my own childhood like Math Blasters and Number Munchers. And, of course, things that would be new to both of us.

@qaraq Any estimate on how much time it’d take until he got to the open-world stuff in Marvel Super Heroes?

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Minecraft, Pacman and Lego are the only games that my 5-years old daughter play on PC.