PC Games for Someone Who Has Never Been Able to Play Them

I’d recommend keeping an eye on Humble Store/Green Man Gaming/GOG, Itch.o, etc. as you can often find pretty steep discounts, which, for me personally, encourages me to take chances on stuff outside my comfort zone. Also if you’re completely unfamiliar with MMOs, WoW/Final Fantasy XIV are easy recommends. If you’re interested in getting into competitive shooters, Overwatch is a relatively friendly introduction, and Titanfall 2 is still a tremendous game, though it might be a bit difficult to jump into right now since anyone still playing that game is probably real good at it.

WOW! Lot’s of stuff that completely fell off my radar that is getting put right on my wish-list! Thanks everyone!

First thing I did was subscribe to the monthly Humble Bundle!

I would consider picking up a Total War game, if you’re into Warhammer then they have that. But if you’re a history buff im sure there’s an era you’ll enjoy. I personally love Shogun 2 and Medieval 2.

But in all seriousness I think you’d be good looking at whats on sale at GOG or Humble and going from there, you have a lot you can dive into

you could give world of warcraft a go, u can play to level 20 for free and even though its not really enough to know if ull love it its prob enough to see if u hate it. its good game for relaxing and if you dont even need to go into dungions n stuff to get through it if you just like running around

also FF14, which i think is alot better then wow personally, will let you play up to i think level 30. its much better at teaching you the game and has more challenges as you go to apply that knowledge. to the point where after a year playing final fantasy i was able to pick wow back up and be better at that then i was before

Also, don’t forget the giveaways and PSA thread. Skim that for any free codes you’re interested in.

Discord Nitro has also just been released, $10 a month for access to 60 games. Some pretty good stuff is in there, especially if you haven’t been building up a collection of discounted PC games already.

There are quite a few older games on Steam and GOG that I would recommend if you’ve never had a gaming PC before.

Thief Gold and Thief 2: The Metal Age are some of my favorite games of all time. I played through them again earlier this year, and they hold up really well mechanically.

I would also recommend checking out the classic LucasArts adventure games. My favorites are Full Throttle and Grim Fandango.

You can usually pick these games up for super cheap during sales too!

Free games that I highly recommend:

  • OFF (RPG)

  • Fistful of Frags (FPS)

  • Doki Doki Literature Club (VN)

  • Emily is Away (VN)

  • Sorry, Babe, It Just Ain’t Your Story (VN)

  • Dwarf Fortress

  • NetHack (RPG)

  • FreeCol (Tactics)

  • 0 AD (RTS)

  • Daggerfall (RPG)

Online, but free:

  • Path of Exile
  • Tribes 2
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Oh oh oh definitely play Butterfly Soup. It’s a VN that will run on just about anything but hey a new PC is an excuse for new things.

Its a supremely good and delightful story about queer girls and baseball.

Its also totally free on itch.io, but if you put down 5 bucks you get a cool little art/sketchbook with a bunch of character designs and stuff.


I think you should start with the action/RPG title Oregon Trail and move on from there.


Welcome to the wonderful world of PC gaming! Many excellent suggestions have been made, possibly too many for me to echo individually, but if you want a nice reference list, PC gamer has a list of what they consider to be the best modern PC games:

The list is of course far from exhaustive, but if you’re looking for classics GoG will hook you up.

E: another advantage of playing on PC is that there are always free (or extremely cheap) games to be had. GoG and Humble regularly give games away for free. If you have an Amazon Prime account, then you can get free games every month or so from Twitch (and keep them even if your subscription ends).

And thats without even mentioning all the amazingly generous people who gift games to others. I absolutely recommend you subscribe to the PSA Giveaways and gifting thread on this very forum :slight_smile:


Hacknet (2015) is a very cool game that I don’t think has made it to any other platforms. Essentially it’s “Hollywood Hacking”- The Game. You’re hacking into different systems in order to unravel a mystery using basic commandline prompts. Austin did a quick look of it with Vinny while he was still at GB:

Hacknet Quick Look


Battlezone (1998) was my favorite game as a kid and is also a very PC-ass video game. An RTS-FPS hybrids from Pandemic Studios set in a alternate-history cold-war setting, where the space race was a cover up for an on-going space war between the US and the USSR. Not sure how well it has aged for someone who does not own some very rose-tinted glasses, but Rebellion has put out remasters of it and the (arguably better) sequel on Steam.

Battlezone Remake Trailer


StarCraft 2 is free to play and Wings of Liberty is probably still one of the best RTS campaigns of the past decade. I think it’s definitely worth giving the campaign a go, then playing some co-op if you liked the mission designs in the campaign, or maybe hitting some pvp if you’re so inclined.


I built my PC for Starcraft 2 almost 8 years ago, and I can’t think of anything else better suited for PC than an RTS.

That said, I mostly play low requirement indie games on my current PC because a laptop can’t really play much else.

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I’m in a similar position as the OP, and have established a list of games I’m interested in getting. I welcome additional recomendations! I’m interested in little-known or out of the way indie experiences as well.

• Apex Legends
• Borderlands 2
• Cities: Skylines
• Dishonored 2
• Divinity Original Sin 1 + 2
• Forza Horizon 4
• Halo
• Horizon ZD
• Mass Effect Trilogy
• Morrowind
• Nier Automata
• No Man’s Sky
• Prey
• Prototype
• Return of the Obra Dinn
• Shooty game
• Skyrim (again)
• Spelunky
• Titanfall 2

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Some indie stuff: Check out Paratopic and Fugue in Void for different takes on mood. Even the Ocean for some good platforming in a narrative heavy setting. Judging from your list your preference might be action/adventure, but I’d say these are all excellent games that may interest you. For even more narrative focus, check out 80 Days or any Failbetter game, like the recent Sunless Skies (which I haven’t played yet…). And of course, if you enjoy the Divinity games you may also like Shadowrun: Dragonfall. It plays very differently but is one of the best modern RPGs.

Finally: Hitman 2. It’s really good!


Im also looking for games but for my friend. She HATES games, but she did say that she only played shooters, i already pitched her life is strange and she seems interested, are there other games that are more focused on the story or interesting mechanics rather than violence and shooting

Ooh maybe I’ll be able to actually play dragon fall. I tried playing it for the 101 but it was so dim I couldn’t see a lot of the enemies.

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Seconding 80 Days, which is brilliant.

At the risk of sounding grumpy, sure, there’s tons of them. FPS/TPS are basically the main genres which are focussed on violence and shooting [and even then, the whole “walking simulator” thing is, to a large extent, “really” a set of attempts to make first person games without shooting, and with narrative - although I’d argue that many of them are only narratively interesting [in that they’re mechanically restricted to “moving around”] ].
Outside of FPS-styled games, there’s a bunch of narratively-focused games - all the descendants of what I’d consider the “interactive fiction” branch of video games, like, well 80 Days, Sunless Skies etc - mechanically interesting puzzle games (from the abstract, like everything Zachtronics Industries makes; to the less abstract, like, say, Transistor (which expresses its mechanics through violence, sure, but fairly abstractly).)