Peanuts, do you eat the shell?

  • Yes
  • No
  • What?

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I take them PR for the fibre.


What about suck on the shell (for the salt)? Yes I’m weird.


Only if they’re boiled/seasoned, but I don’t eat the shell.


It took a long time for someone to tell me it was weird. It’s where all that salt is. Crunch into it. Love it.


I respect but also deeply fear whoever answered yes.


I can slam through a bag of peanuts in about fifteen minutes so I’m very thankful to have the shells to chew on for the rest of the afternoon


Is this another Dan Rykert thing?


All the salt is on the pod of the edamame too, but you’re not supposed to eat that either.

You get the salt on your fingers by cracking them open, and you get the salt that way when you pop the peanuts themselves into your mouth.


folks…, the shells are good


real ones eat the bag


I answered no but what? was probably more appropriate. I didn’t know this was a thing.


Do you mean eat or chew? You should chew them obviously, because of the salt, but do people really swallow the shells?


I’ll always bite them open to get that salty hit, but then I toss the shell. Eating the shells isn’t the most wild food crime I’ve ever heard, but I don’t see the benefit.


Now I’m curious and I don’t have access to a bag of roasted peanuts. What does the shell even taste like? In my head it’s like a popsicle stick but salty which sounds horrifying. I can’t think of anything that has that texture that I would willingly chew on.


Dear lord, I hope your friends and family never let you near Maryland-style crabs. :open_mouth:


Well a popsicle stick is a lot harder. It is dry, fibrous, but also not dense like a piece of wood. Good mouth feel.


Have you ever put a thick, coarse fabric on your tongue, like a burlap? It’s kinda like that.


Ah, so it’s like inviting Satan into your mouth.


You haven’t lived until you’ve freaked out a few people by eating spicy peanuts whole, shell and all.