Peanuts, do you eat the shell?


Snoopy is neither funny nor dog-like.


Eating the shell of peanuts is a great way to get a chunk of something stuck in the back of your throat or to choke on some the little fibers.


Growing up my dad would occasionally eat the shells, so I did the same when I was young. As I got older, I decided that was too much work.


No, but also what?



games discourse should be renamed to stupid ass food discourse


I do but if my SO is around she won’t let me! She is afraid it will tear up my intestines or something…


swallowing shelled peanuts whole in front of your enemies is an incredible power move


interviewer: so what are some personal qualities you’d consider assets
me, ripping open a bag of Planters and downing the entire thing without flinching:
interviewer: holy shit


If I see someone eating peanut shell im calling the cops.


Dog it took you 15 seconds too long to eat that thing because you doon it strange


No…Not good for health…