Peeps - Love em or hate em

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It time Waypoint forum
For those who like peeps confess your love
And the haters, whats up?


GOD there is just SOMETHING about the texture and scratchiness of the outside of peeps that makes me completely unable to eat them… One time I tried the sour ones and they were so bad…


They don’t sell peeps here, and I’ve never had the chance to try them, but they’re just so damn cute.


The base ones I do like but outside of the ones with frosting, it gets to be a little much since marshmallow doesn’t mix well with certain flavor profiles.


I like a lot of what peeps are doing, but when it comes to the sweetness, I can’t. No thanks


i hate them but i would completely try a sour one


As a Peep hater, I’ll try to give some insight as to why I don’t like Peeps.

The main reason why I don’t like peeps is the garbage taste. The garbage taste upsets me when it is in my mouth.
The peeps are cute, don’t get me wrong. They have a very smooshable body that reminds me of Kirby and I appreciate that.
I have to come back to the garbage taste, though. It’s really just a deal breaker for me when it comes to food.
I like Marshmallows. The people at Peep decided to cover marshmallows in sugar and make them cute, which sounds like a nice treat. Where they done effed up is by using some sort of cursed magic to make the sugar taste bad somehow.


Peeps give me the creeps. :no_mouth:


I eat garbage for a living and I wouldn’t dare touch Peeps. They’re worse than trash. They’re AWFUL. The texture is just so wrong???


Who would’ve guessed that covering marshmallows in sand only makes them worse


i don’t know what they are but they look like funko pop foetuses so i will say, no thank you


Ban the peep hating heretics


My turning point was watching someone try and max out on peeps, then watching her puke pink foam and genuinely worrying about her health.


Peeps are one of the few reasons I get excited about Easter. I have a problem when it comes to small, sugar-coated, marshmallow poultry.
Peeps for the peep god. Robin’s eggs for the egg throne.


I enjoy a peep but mostly I use them top appease the Easter Fox so as to keep him from hunting down the Easter Bunny the day after. He likes them slightly stale


so peeps aren’t really a thing so much up here in the Great White North, but one time and Aunt who lives in Minnesota brought some up on thanksgiving, which is basically the only time she has time to come and visit home.

they are an atrocity to humankind.


Peeps are disgusting, and they leave a horrible feeling in your mouth. That said, I love peeps. I love hating them, I love the disgusting packaging and the deformed bodies. I love the fact that it’s a candy that is so universally known and pretty much universally hated.

Unlike candy corn, where everyone hates it and also it sucks.


I really vibe with their cuteness but the flavor and texture can charitably be described as odious. They make you appreciate the wonderful diversity of humankind though; if others did not derive pleasure from them their fluffy adorableness would disappear from our world. Thanks to all you bad-taste-having-ass people out there


It’s junk food. Who cares? I don’t understand how like Very Passionate some people get about not liking marshmallows with sugar on them. I absolutely understand not liking them cuz people’s tastes are their own but I don’t understand boldly insisting people who enjoy a thing are shoveling garbage into their mouths.


They’re pretty handy.