Peeps - Love em or hate em


idk maybe it’s a genetic thing like how grapefruit tastes bad to me because I can taste the garbage chemical.

That is the only explanation that would make sense to me seeing the opinions on here.

Like when I say peeps are trash I am not saying “oh these just aren’t for me”. I’m not a fan of candy canes but they at least taste like mint and sugar. I get what they are going for. Peeps are not like that for me. They taste actively gross. Like a weird mix of chemicals rather than a sweet marshmallow.

As a peep-lover, what does a peep taste like to you? Does it taste like a sweet marshmallow?


Upon further research a lot of peep haters in this thread are Canadian, so maybe Canada has a weak peep game?


Canada is the home of all heretics, as I always suspected


It tastes like processed sugar to me, with a bit of marshmallow underneath but not much. I think you misread me a bit though. I don’t care if you think they taste like garbage. That’s unique to you and it would be dumb of me to think otherwise. I care when stuff like “thanks to all the garbage taste havers for making these cute but gross things exist” etc is said because it turns something so meaningless and individual as what stuff tastes like into When I Like Food It Is Good But When You Like Food I Don’t Like You Are Stupid and Wrong


Peeps are just Too Much. They’re Too Much. I can’t eat them. There’s something about the shallow sweetness of them, as opposed to the more savory sweetness of a typical marshmallow or a piece of chocolate, that just completely turns me off them.

They’re cute af tho



I no longer like peeps nevermind


I was gonna sleep tonight, but forget it I guess.


Don’t ever show me this again.


god this fucking rules, ty for adding to my “nightmare food” folder


I’ve never heard of these before, but they look like the Porgs of food so NOPE


See ya in court, buddy


peeps are…ok? depends on the type. probably the best ones are the ones that have chocolate covered bottoms because then they’re basically 2/3rds of a s’more




I like peeps but very specific conditions, and yes, I have taste tested many different varities including the watermelon and sour flavors. I’ve eaten them dipped in chocolate and with icing as well.

  • No weird flavors.
  • Gotta be fresh out of the package. Stale peeps are gross.
  • No more than 2.

That’s it, that’s how I enjoy Peeps.


When I was growing up, I thought the sole reason people bought peeps was to place them in the microwave and watch them explode. That made sense to me.

Then I learned that people actually ate them. I’m still trying to figure that one out.


Peeps are so cute! They make really, really good springtime decorations. It’s pretty weird that they market them as edible, though.


I’m sorry but you have to go now.


Ayyyyy makes me think there should be a “to ketchup or not to ketchup” thread on here lol.

As for peeps–all day everyday as long as it’s the original. People say it tastes like sand covered garbage, but I can undoubtedly say it’s the best sand covered garbage I’ve ever tasted.


What hath God wrought?