People Are About to Look Very Stylish While Murdering in 'Battlegrounds'

The addition of a crate and key system will bring a slew of much-needed clothing options to the multiplayer phenomenon.

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Can’t wait to get some new clothes I’ve got pretty much everything I want at the moment. Really hope it’s not gender locked either. If I can not wear a skirt and a track suit top I’m going to be disappointed.

Also the URL betrays Patrick’s true title :stuck_out_tongue:


Okay so I went and looked it up because I wanted to know more

Link to Steam Announcement since article is missing the source

The following 5 pictures are from the $2.50 crate

These next 2 are from the Survivor/Wanderer crates that you unlock through normal means

In addition on August 3rd

  • New First Person Only Servers
  • New Rifle
  • FOV Slider for First Person

Also all three crates are one item per crate. Which is kind of disappointing but if you want to play the Steam Market game you could buy a bunch of the Gamescom crates and sell them down the road when you can no longer buy them directly they have said.