People Are Raiding Electronic Stores And Lying to Nab a 'Fortnite' Skin

The Fortnite phenomenon is at it again. This time, it means people are raiding their local Best Buys, Targets, and any other stores with electronics, pretending they’re interested in the latest in personal consumer electronics from Samsung, but in reality, they’re hoping to covertly nab an exclusive Fortnite skin before the store employee realizes something is up. The result has been signs like this, per reddit, going up:

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Capitalism was a mistake.


There’s something about this that makes me think this is actually really cool. I guess it’s the fact that people are jumping through all these hoops to ensure they can get a cool skin without actually having to buy anything.

Will this be a quest in Cyberpunk 2077?


The biggest game in the world is convincing (or forcing) a huge number of players to jump through a bunch of hoops that take a considerable amount of time or money for a texture map. Those who forego the money route are potentially actively robbing those who do by rendering a particular device useless to anyone else, including fellow raiders. Sure, it’s a little cool that they’ve managed to elicit such a strong brand loyalty, but it’s horrifying in virtually every other way.

Wowwwwww this is like so unbelievable, yet so fascinating. But then again, it’s Fortnite, so I can 100% believe it. Potential premise for a future Black Mirror episode anyone?

The fact that it’s only demo models that are being raided there is no worry of someone losing out if they buy the phone. And sure while it’s not great that you have to buy a $900 phone for a skin but the fact that people realize that and go well let me get it for free some how makes it cool. Not to mention that Fortnite and Samsung don’t what you to do all this they just want you to buy the phone which people aren’t doing just for the skin.

Nah, I still find it horrifying. Kind of along the lines of people trespassing everywhere to try and catch pokemon back when Pokemon Go was ~the thing~.