People are sleeping on Hob


it’s super good! sure it’s a shameless zelda clone but the world is incredible. i made an album of screenshots i took:

this is not a problem exclusive to Hob. a lot of games get ignored because of the way game coverage is monetized. the biggest games get the most traffic which gets the most revenue. i don’t know how you solve the problem. you can’t refuse to cover games like mario and wolfenstein. i’m really just sad more people haven’t played this neat little game. so please enjoy the screenshots and think about giving it a try.


I agree!! Finished it up this week so i could have a clean slate for yesterdays giant triple threat. I felt the end felt a little slipshod (the last halfhour had that prey ending of feeling like i was going through the motions running from point to point) but the game as a whole is a real treat! Its one of those games where i actively avoided the fast travel because I just enjoyed existing in the world.


yeah! i only used the fast travel to go back to the upgrade cave. i want to explore every nook and cranny of the world. i found almost all of the secrets. if i’m bored i might go back through with a guide and find the final remaining lore rooms.


oh wow! this game is stunning. i watched some of the trailers and i’m super interested. definitely adding to my steam wishlist so i can remember it next time i want to buy a game

& yeah it’s a shame that there isn’t as much coverage of small indie games. that’s part of why i like waypoint, though - they may cover the AAA games but they also make sure to talk about small games as well.


Thanks for the reminder, I was sleeping so much on this I hadn’t even watched the GB quicklook.

Looks nice indeed.


Is this game by the torchlight 2 team? It’s always interesting how some game studios are considered “good” indie devs. I wonder if it’s how they spend time marketing and who they are targeting.

Building sorta copies of games is a good strategy but doesn’t get a ton of play on sites like Waypoint. It’s also a situation where Zelda was good. City Skylines would never have gotten such a good reception if SimCity wasn’t the opposite of what the community wanted.


yeah it’s from runic games


Yeah this is quite true. Indie games that lean heavily on their inspirations, such as Hob often don’t get that much coverage by publications or organisations, and I think a degree of that is not just the need to prioritise, but a lack of scope for interesting commentary from sites that do not just write reviews. It’s rare that a game which closely mimics another has anything unique to say.

However in my experience streamers, video reviewers and other types of “influencers” often do cover these games if they are someone who likes that genre and/or have a percentage of their following interested too. I think that works out since it’s putting the game directly in front of those who are likely to enjoy it.


I’ve played through 1/3rd - 1/4th of Hob, and it’s just, yeah. It’s not a bad game; it’s polished, it’s entertaining, there are some good ideas. It’s not without problems (I think the wordless narrative thing was already not great when it was done better in Hyper Light Drifter). But really what it comes down to is, where’s the hook? What is it about this game that makes it stand out? I didn’t pitch anything about Hob, and I imagine a lot of other critics who played that game also didn’t. Part of the value of streamers and youtubers is that they can extract a more personal, experience-driven coverage out of games like this, though. It’s hard for a writer to cover something that isn’t necessarily doing something that will generate interesting “discourse.” It’s also true that 2017 is a really good year for games (and nothing else). That Breath of the Wild came out a few months before certainly didn’t help Hob.


that seems dangerous they should try sleeping in a bed instead


I fail to see the connection other than the broadest of the broad “Hob plays like Zelda” stroke, and even that doesnt really hold up since BotW and 2d Zelda/Hob are very different games. Its like saying a racer didnt sell well because a GTA just came out a few months before.