Performance Gaming Apparel

So I got this nonsense in my inbox:

Blizzard is selling “performance gaming shorts” so now, I ask you:

  1. what silly “performance apparel” do you want to solve a non-problem in your life and
  2. do I buy these and report back

Performance gaming shorts is baffling, but I would consider performance gaming gloves. Nothing worse than holding a Dualshock 3 with sweaty hands.

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Not interested unless it says “WoW” across the ass.


I like the “hidden stash zipper” as if anybody wearing Blizzard performance shorts while gaming is hiding anything.

I mean, to be clear, we’re all hiding sorrow, and regret most of the time, but that doesn’t go in a stash pocket in our performance shorts while gaming.


Towel pants don’t sound half bad tbh! Take like 4 inches off the inseam and they would be great for the drive back from the beach!

My performance gaming wear is an oversized Sonic shirt from Target. It sure meets the minimum criteria for clothing, which is what I’m looking for when I game!


I just love this idea of “high performance gear” for the hobby in which I park myself at my desk chair and stare at a screen. It’s like buying a “high performance couch” for watching TV.

Honestly my Jeff Gerstmann senses are tingling. I might buy them

Heard some good reviews of these for gaming:
programming socks


I’m not sure what benefit these shorts provide beyond a basic terry cloth pair of shorts from Old Navy. If anything, I’d expect to get a discount on these from having to take the L for wearing a Blizzard logo.

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Y’all are wearing your gamer shoes right?


I bought the stupid gamer shorts. I will report back.


Where’s my high performance gaming muumuu?

  • strategic ventilation
  • streamlined ergonomic and stylish design
  • moisture wicking for comfortable feel and maximum frags

I regret to inform everyone that no one has thought to create donut seat pillows for gamers yet. As gamers age I think this will become more necessary that we have access to race car colored pleather donut pillows for those of us that think they can still do an all weekend CS marathon.


This thread may close before the shorts arrive but I will figure something out

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I think that if we work together we can probably keep it alive.


Tagging in to wish the Blizzard fulfillment team a very happy Monday and a “one shorts please”

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I laughed. I joked. I sneered.

I got owned. Those shorts are mad comfortable lol

They’re a little too thick for summer shorts but if you can imagine the feeling of a really fluffy towel, imagine somebody made that into shorts. Super soft. If I had a cat they would be obsessed. They fit about as advertised. Pockets! Maybe not the kind of thing you’d want to wear in public outside of a late-night trip to a convenience store but I’m glad I have them (if not super happy about how much they were).


Glad you like them! Makes me nostalgic for my undergrad days where you could roll into a lecture with shorts like these on and no one would bat an eye.

That’s exactly the thought I had. These would be the perfect college student shorts.