Performance issues in certain ports of games are THE DEVIL!

Yall I recently bought Nier Automata cuz it was on sale at steam it was like 40 bucks or whatever (30 euro)
and um…the pc version is like drenched with weird stuff and performance issues like my native resolution is 1920x1080 and when i set the game to that resolution both the game and the steam overlay are blurry. The cutscenes are…unbearably choppy and theres all this weird studdering and assets just keep loading out of nowhere and UGH. I issued a refund cuz i played the game for under 2 hours and i bought it like 5 hours ago. I just hope they dont pull the “you’ve played this game 101 minutes, we only refund games that are max. played 100 minutes and 59 seconds and 99 milliseconds sorry we’re keeping ur money”.

SO! I’m making this topic as sort of like a thread for “should i buy this for console or PC” or “Which port should I buy” questions or whatever.
I don’t want people to regret their purchase of game and get wrapped up in inconvenient situations so I’ll add some of my thoughts on which games u should buy for PC or Console:

Playerunknown’s battlegrounds:
DEFINITELY PC, don’t you dare waste your money on the XONE version it looks like a NIGHTMARE.
Bayonetta 1:
PC. It’s not that the other ports are bad, the pc version is just the best one in terms of graphics and sound and performance etc etc (also don’t touch the PS3 version or you will cry)
Fortnite Battle Royale:
If your PC can’t run it in a solid 60 fps on epic settings and you have a PS4 PRO, play it on the PS4 PRO. It looks and performs really well on it.
Tomb Raider games pre-reboot era:
PC PC PC I cannot stress this enough. I haven’t played the Xbox 360 versions of Legend, Anniversary and Underworld, but I’ve played the ps3 versions of all of those games and…it’s like watching a slide show. These are old games like your PC will run them no problem not only that they have a lot more graphical options for you to toy around with than on PS2,PS3 or Xbox 360. And for TR1-6: who cares… theyre old games…technically the PC versions are like the best ones and they offer additional content but besides that like…whatever sjsdkjsdjkds
The Kingdom Hearts HD Remixes:
PS4. Even better if PS4 Pro. The reason I say this is because i had the 2 HD collections for PS3 and when playing KH2 every time you hit a drive form u have to sit there and wait like 5 seconds and it really takes u out of it. The ps4 version doesnt have that. As for why I said PS4 pro - the 2.8 little KH3 engine demo or whatever (the thing with Aqua) runs better on a PS4 Pro.

Feel free to add more yall! :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart:

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Adding one more: Resident Evil Remake/0: PC. I bought the remake for the PS4 while having it beaten on PC and the PS4 version had these weird lags and slowdowns frequently i was shook

Turning Global Illumination down to high and putting the slider to 10% got me 60fps on my GTX 970 without a noticable change in the image. You can only access that setting with FAR.


Seconding this! I had similar issues with Nier:A when I got it this week, but the FAR mod fixed them like a charm.

(I do like this idea for a thread though, and I think of other good examples I’ll post again)


It’s doubly tricky because this stuff isn’t fixed (as in: it changes over time).

Even without official patches we get the development of fan patches and mods (as noted above) and then you get the official patches changing months after the game’s launch. Did they use some obnoxious DRM on PC but later removed it after it got cracked anyway? Dishonored 2 was a mess on PC at launch and now is basically fixed (performance is where you would expect for the tier of GPU you throw at it, you don’t need the very fastest single core Intel will sell you in a -K overclocked 2017 processor just to hit a stable fps). Even Forza Horizon 3, the poster child for final-month previews(/day before release first impression) failing to take a game to task for being completely broken on PC, eventually got enough patches to fix it for most systems to basically work without needing an unrealistic CPU spec. Right now, that XB1X patch may give the console version 4K but it’s still very much a 30fps experience when you can play at 60fps on a reasonably-spec’d PC (as you would expect from machines that often have 100 Watts to throw at the CPU cores, compared to the consoles that make use of 8 tablet-scale Jaguar cores running far slower).

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Sorry I already got it refunded :\ I’m buying it for the PS4 its the same price dont worry :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s kind of a pain that a game has to be patched post-release due to an outcry by whoever purchased it. Like I remember buying FF Type-0 HD for PC and it couldn’t even run like the game couldn’t even start. Everyone was so pissed including me. Also remember when PUBG was in early access and even with an intel i5 4430 and a 1050 ti the game ran on -50 fps when u chose any preset above VERY LOW not only that but it also broke some people’s game time because assets needed 10 minutes to load and you would glitch through houses and buildings and shit? Yeah that was wild but when they released that patch it was revolutionary like im at a solid 60 fps on HIGH settings that is amazing.

The PC ports of both Bully and Saints Row 2 are basically unplayable without mods. The console versions are therefore a lot easier to jump into, but if you don’t mind tooling around a bit (and you pick-up the games for cheap in a sale) I’d still probably prefer the PC version.