Persona 5 TV Anime Confirmed for 2018!

Trailer here:

It’s being produced by A-1, so it will either be really good (like ERASED) or really cheap (like Persona 4 The Animation). They’re also going to use the voice cast from the game, though the name of the “Hero” is still undecided. Maybe they’ll stick with Akira Kurusu from the manga adaptation, but I doubt it.

The Persona franchise prints too much money for it to not have spinoffs now. Looking forward to the rumored Persona Q2 and eventual emergence of a Persona 5 Arena (spoiler alert: They never did find Goro’s body did they? Easy enough to say he was just sleeping in the Metaverse or whatever this whole time).

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I’m pleasantly surprised that Persona 5 is getting an anime treatment, although I’m not entirely sure how I feel about each of these games becoming an automatic franchise of its own. I guess ATLUS is just interested in pushing this series as hard as it possibly can, which will probably help recoup what I assume were lengthy development costs on it.

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If it’s A-1 doing it I’m assuming it’s going to be on the same section of the quality curve as P4:TA. Not that A-1 is incapable of making a decent show, but they have a tendency to cut corners where they can because they’re the mid-late 2000s Activision of anime

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I feel it a little too soon for a anime of Persona 5 but hey, no real harm will come from it so long as it not too silly like how P4 anime was.

The first P4 anime was serviceable and the second was terrible so I don’t have very high hopes for this. At least the P3 movies were a mostly really successful adaptation.