Perspective: Terrorism & Imperialism//Manchester & Mosul


A terrorist attack in Manchester kills 22, injures 116. Not even 3 days later a disturbing fact is revealed. The US military has killed 105 civilians in Mosul.

If this wasn’t reality, it would be “too far” for a lot of people, too on the nose, not subtle enough. If this was fiction, this would be an outrage. I’m only 20 years old, I can’t really pretend to understand a pre-Iraq and Afghanistan invasion, war, and occupation version of my country. But I’m gonna guess that there would be national outrage.

Do you really think that low of this great country’s brave men and women? Do you really think so less of them that they’d just accidentally kill over a hundred civilians? Or maybe you think they’re evil…

But this isn’t fiction, and this isn’t the pre-Forever War Western world. And here in the US, I’m seeing no outrage, nothing. Barely any solidarity with the victims in Manchester, and nothing on the civilians that have been fucking slaughtered in Mosul.

I don’t know how to ends this, let alone end it on a high note. So, I’m just gonna stop here.


I have had similar feelings. I don’t expect those feelings from others, but I wanted you to know that it also frustrates, confuses, and saddens me.