Peter Parker's motion capture actor replaced in Spider-Man Remastered on PS5

Sony has seemed incredibly keen on Spider-synergy for a while now - the line about “better matching Yuri Lowenthal’s facial capture” is about as convincing as “it is too hard to animate female Assassins”. This sucks, in my opinion!

Really hope Tom Holland is getting a cut of this lol.


I feel like a lot of people dug Spider-Man PS4 for feeling like a breezy distant refreshment from MCU exhaustion. And now Marvel games are doing everything in their power to make game playing people feel that exhaustion at an accelerated rate in the weirdest ways possible.

This Tom Holland deepfake approach is hilarious and also explicitly way further from Yuri Lowenthal’s actual face than the original what.

I might also include Miles getting a sizeable, exciting but also designed to be conveniently superfluous to the legacy of the brand also-ran entry as a distinctly MCU switcheroo after all the setup for him but that’s a whole other thing.


I assume this is a good match for the new actor, Ben Jordan, but there’s no question in my mind that they recast to get a look closer to Holland’s.

Even accepting their premise (which, while I’m no expert, seems strange given the number of examples where facial capture is applied to assets with zero resemblance to the performer), I’d say the original John Bubniak model looks more like Yuri Lowenthal than the new one.



I laugh every time I see this. Its just terrible. Did they forget that this is a post college Peter and not Doogie Howser?


If I’m not mistaken Neil Patrick Harris did voice Peter Parker in one of the many failed Spider-Man cartoons, so maybe this is a homage?


Now I’m imagining Peter Parker turning up in the end game of Miles Morales looking like Harris at the end of Starship Troopers



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Really looking like the odd knockoff character appearances of the Avengers game. Wondering if they did this to tie into that game.

Doesn’t fit the game at all. The Peter in this story is a distinctly different one from the MCU version, this reeks of a corporate move over a creative choice.

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MODOK lies motionless, tied down securely to a sled-like device dragged by several anonymous SHIELD AGENTS.

PETER PARKER approaches and lays a hand on MODOK’S enormous forehead.


PARKER: “It’s afraid!”


They made Peter look like Shawn Mendes, and now I’m gonna think of that awful fucking “Treat You Better” song whenever I see him

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I never really cared for PS4 Peter’s face, and I find this new Peter’s face rather attractive.

From a pure visual point of view I find the original face way better looking, there’s something weird and papery about this new face, I don’t even think he looks much younger just … different.

I was just reading about how this has created controversy among the fanbase, and I just don’t understand the internet at this point. I adore PS4 Spider-Man and outside of chuckling at the change, I’m not sure why anyone would care. It’s the same story, voice actor, and motion capture, so what’s the difference? Are people really attached to this one actor playing Spider-Man, a character played by three different actors in the past 20 years? That’d be like getting mad at a new James Bond, oh wait…

Yeah, between this and the Minecraft Steve announcement, it’s pretty hard to deny that Gamers Are Not OK.

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It’s one of the first instances of digital stunt casting, into an already existing game (albeit a remastered version). The closest analogy I can think of is if there was a 4K release of the Sam Raimi Spider-Man movies, but Tobey Maguire was completely deepfaked and overdubbed by Tom Holland.

Love or hate the original game, that iteration of Peter is a world-weary mid-20s postgrad and his character model conveyed that kind of character really well. The Homecoming depiction of the character was a very different one, which doesn’t fully mesh with this story.

Sometimes game design choices involve cynical business influence. It wouldn’t be the only instance of that with this new remaster.


This is still my Peter Parker


This all reminds me of actors in Yakuza games being replaced, though the reasoning there is more messed up. Usually because of the actors being involved with drug scandals, and the response from Japan’s entertainment industry to that being bad. The most known example is probably Pierre Taki being replaced by Miou Tanaka in Judgment.


Even if it is the same motion capture (I don’t think they’ve said whether Jordan is only providing his likeness for scanning), a huge amount of the game’s story is told with John Bubniak’s model. Animated by Lowenthal’s facial capture, yes, but the effect is as unique as a live action performance, especially given the photorealistic style. Like @miscu says, movie recasting is not typically done to overwrite an existing performance. Compare with the reception to George Lucas recasting Boba Fett’s voice and Anakin’s ghost in the Star Wars sequels - this is that, but for Peter Parker in a Spider-Man game.

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I mean, I guess that’s true, but the cut scenes I’ve seen look pretty natural with the new face. But then I was never that precious about the Star Wars edits, so it could be just me on this.

I will point out that we have seen this sort of recasting in games, however. Like Destiny replacing Peter Dinklage’s Ghost with Nolan North, or replacing Nathan Fillion’s Cayde 6 with, again, Nolan North. Hey, maybe we should recast Spider-Man with Nolan North! #bringbackthenorthies