Petition to auto delete all threads with 'sandwich' in the the title


Gather your resolve; destroy this thread and all its foul breathern!


Go ahead and take away the sandwich. We will find another. The sandwich isnt a joke, or a meme. It is an idea. A symbol. There will always be sandwich.


Oh no, your right. I’ve made the classic post millennial mistake of proposing a simple and ineffective technical solution to a complex social problem. My face now flushes with embarrassment.


This thread would delete itself.

Checkpoint, atheists.


That’s why it is phrased as a call to destroy this thread :wink:


I agree, but I’d leave an exception for the Hamburger/Sandwich debate. It’s the debate of a generation, unlike these other flavour of the week sandwich debates.


If this cannot be delivered, as an alternative option can we request the ‘monkeycheese’ thread tag.


is this thread a sandwich?


@Spinningmind posted, @IrateContender replied, then @Spinningmind replied to them. Looks like a sandwich to me.


When the time is right, we will not automate the reckoning. It will be done with our own hands.


Personal data deletion request denied.


Is this thread an open-faced thread? :thinking:


How about a bot that adds the word sandwich to every thread in the Jokes ‘N’ Dokes category?


Makes "What is your Favorite Sandwich Thread"
Searches “Sandwich” just to double check it doesn’t exist already
See’s this thread
Deletes thread


@Moom I like a pastrami with American cheese and a thin layer of cabbage. The cheese is smooth, the cabbage has a bit of heat, but neither takes away too much from the centerpiece. Bread-wise? Better be nice, firm, and crusty, but other than that I’m not too picky.

What is the best sandwich

I’ve always been a fan of the french dip. Hot delicious roast beef with a layer of cheese to keep that structural integrity for the dippin’. Bread needs to be real crispy on the outside and soft on the inside to absorb the juice. And you can’t forget the au jus (awwww juice), just adds a 4th dimension to your sandwich.

What is the best sandwich