Petscop: "The game I found"

did ja hear bout video game???

That Youtube channel is Petscop, which releases videos exploring a never finished game with the same name that gets…strange to put it lightly. To be more accurate, Petscop is an internet video series about someone playing a fictional game, but the actual game footage itself looks so convincing that it’s almost like this person (known only as “Paul”) is just straight up making an actual game, or at least the framework of one, to tell a strange horror story.

It’s different from most creepypasta stuff, because it’s not based on an existing property, nor focused just on making spooky scares for the heck of it. What’s made people pay attention to Petscop is that it has a clear narrative being worked through, with events in the first episode alone having payoff ten episodes down the line. It’s a real rabbit hole I recently got sucked into, and I suggest you give it a try as well. Every episode varies wildly in length, the longest ones almost thirty episodes and the shortest at just under three, and they take months to come out, but a lot of information tends to pop up each time.

Feel free to discuss theories here, and please use spoiler tags (obviously).

Also worth mentioning that there is a fan community trying to re-create this fake game into an actual one, being as careful as the video series creator to make sure everything you see looks about as you’d expect outputted from the PS1 (the console this fake game is supposed to be for).

Nitro Rad also did an interesting video where he tried to figure out how the videos looked so authentic. Give it a shot, be warned spoilers due come up but he says when he’s going to get into them after the initial tech talk.

Fun fact: Since he talked with fans making their own game builds for this video and brought more light on their work, the build I linked to has a little Nitro Rad easter egg he showed off in a stream where his little static TV from his video intros can be found tucked away in the game.

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