Petty Songs Go Here


I like petty songs and would like to listen to petty songs.



Well I can’t think of a song that’s more pathetic and petty than this:


I think this song is an act of self-sacrifice. It was worthwhile for someone to spend four and a half minutes shitting on Mike Posner, and since he did it no one else had to take time out of their day.


nothing is quite as petty as teenage dirtbag aka the incel anthem


I hear this song all the fucking time at work and it’s gross and I hate it



Eminem wrote a diss track about Mariah Carey. Petty, sad, and pointless. chef’s kiss


Hard to think of anything more petty than Lakutis’ verse on here.

Here’s Kitty explaining the very petty backstory:


wait nvm I thought of something twice as petty.

petty squared.


Affectionately petty.


I hate that it took four hours for someone to post a Petty song.


Basically any Alkaline Trio song really