Phantasy Star Online: Episode 1, 2, Cards, and 4

Who here is a fan of the OG Phantasy Star Online? I played it on the Dreamcast with no online service, then the Gamecube version splitscreen with a high school friend, and finally, actually online on a private Blue Burst server. One of the reasons I started my podcast was that I just had so much to say about it that it had to be the first episode.

So, what are your favorite memories of PSO? Which classes did you play? Why is Hamburger the best mag? Soon the dawn will come again, but what have I got, what has it cost me?


My favorite part was when my friends convinced me to download Blue Burst and we ran Towards The Future a million times.

Nah, it was a pretty good time. I loved playing a flamboyant FOnewm who waved his Magical Piece around while nuking bosses down. Actually redownloaded it a few months back and played with a friend on a different server, but it didn’t end up lasting too long. I might be able to convince him to go back to it at some point though. We just have too many other games to play at the moment.

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When my internet went out last night I actually spent an hour or two starting a new singleplayer game in Phantasy Star Online.

I kind of don’t like modern PSO, though. By that I mean the PC version (Blue Burst) that’s floating around out there. I don’t even know how much I like the Gamecube/Xbox release. For me, PSO is still a Dreamcast game, and me and my friends put multiple hundreds of hours each in to Version 2.

Every now and then I think about PSO2 and I get very, very sad.

I played hundreds of hours, mostly online, back on the Dreamcast. My main character was a HUmar, and my favorite mag was the Marica. I remember people not being familiar with it and not being able to tell them what it was, because the name was in the banned words list.

I even bought an imported copy of V2 and found out how to make a Japanese account using a throwaway Juno email address to play it online. Then I proceeded to never play it nearly as much as I had the original.

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I put well over 550 hours into the GC version, but I have a terrible suspicion half of that was idling in the online lobbies, putting around in those inflatable chairs. I actually made a good 'net friend through the game.

I started out with a RAmarl and mostly stuck with that, got really into being a good ranged support type. The whole thing is a good memory for me, I got into the game when I was having some really tough times in my first year of college. Think my favorite memory is just using the red Sato mag I had, people kept mistaking it for rare drops.

And I agree that Sato is the best mag. I made a bunch for the people I played with.

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One of my biggest goals in the next year is to get my JP Dreamcast up and running with DreamPi and get a PSO group together… God, I miss Ep1/2 so much. I remember a high school friend and I got into it WAY after the SEGANet servers went down and we’d just call each other on a landline and pretend we were playing it together, going through the same stages. Good times.

And that soundtrack is so perfect. :’)

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I put so many hours into this game it’s crazy.

“Can Still See the Light” is still the closest a video game song can get me to tears. And then the second half kicks in and it pumps me up, because it’s badass.

I get why covers don’t do the second half, since most people just want to do the singing, but c’moooooon.

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Yep, Ep. 1&2 on GC is my favorite game of all time. Fond memories of a lot of sleepovers with two buddies who also played. I’ve gone through three iterations of my original HUcast on various memory cards, and I’m sure I’ve played over 1000 hours total, mostly playing offline since 2003 or so.

The card game was kind of fun but never grabbed me the same way, and I’ve never really played blue burst, but if there’s a real community for it here I might be convinced!

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Yeah I’m in the camp of played it online at a buddies house once, but mainly just played episodes I and 2 offline splitscreen with friends. Really love that game though, the whole aesthetic of phantasy star I super dig. Wish there was a good English version of that current mmo they have going. Episodes 1 and 2 will always be special to me though

I can recommend the Ephinea Blue Burst server- it’s mostly the vanilla version but with a few modern conveniences. AND, a sandbox account mode that lets you level up when you want and spawn in equipment as you like. I got a couple of my friends to do that with me and streamed it for my podcast.

As for PSO2, I would love for it to come over, but it feels too far gone now.

Which is why it’s time… for PSO3.

Yeah I migrated to Ephinea when I started playing again since that’s the one I heard Matt from Cool Ghosts said he played on for their video on PSO. We played on schthack originally, but then the server exploded at one point and everyone’s data was lost so I’d heard a lot of people left that server.

Also I’m partial to this arrangement of Can Still See the Light by Noriyuki Iwadare (Lunar, Grandia, Phoenix Wright, etc.). It’s a pretty different take on the original, but it’s the version of the song I heard first and the upbeat tone of it is something that led me to associating it with the Dreamcast in general (even though the CD it was on came out after the Gamecube port).

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Dang, that’s a PS1-tastic arrangement. I dig it, even if I prefer the gravitas of the original.

PSO is probably my favorite Dreamcast game. A lot of time was spent blasting monsters with my blue haired hunter. The fact that I shot a lot of things with a pistol instead of cutting them with a sword lead to me using a Ranger in the Gamecube version. Somehow I never ended up playing it online but the great thing about PSO was that was a great game offline too.

My younger brother and I couch co-op’d the GameCube version up to level… 120? And then my character data ended up getting corrupted somehow. It was a real tragedy because that’s so much time it took us to get to the last difficulty setting and all that. I never did get as into that game as I had before.

Still, its one of my favorite games ever made and it has a very dear place in my heart.

I played thousands of hours of the original version and then even more of v2. Back in those days I had AOL for internet which you couldn’t use with PSO, but there were ways to get things like NetZero to work… temporarily. I played countless characters, but in the end I settled on a RAcaseal as my main.

I never got the GC/Xbox versions, but eventually played some Blue Burst on PC.

I also have thousands of hours in PSO2. I started out as a RAcaseal, but now I’m… what would be a TEcaseal going by the old naming conventions :stuck_out_tongue:

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Getting to Ultimate was cool but GOD the grind from level 40 to 80 was murder.

I tried it on Dreamcast. It was just so painfully slow and boring. It was probably one of the major factors as to why I just can’t get into MMOs.

I loved this game enough to do single player up to ultimate difficulty. Tried blue burst as soon as it went to a private server, had fun, but it wasn’t quite the same. As a very bored teen I definitely thought it was fun getting those sweet numbers up.

Yeahhhh. I actually have a copy for my Gamecube still. every once in a while I think about going back to it.