Phantom Doctrine, Share intel


First heard of this on Waypoint Radio from Pax and its out tomorrow.

I have not seen anything on this game since, but happy to go in blind off Rob’s and Austin’s early thoughts.

Anyone else picking it up?


There’s a 5% discount ($2) on the game on Steam if you own Hard West. Wonderfully, the day I found that out was also the day the devs discounted Hard West all the way to $2 essentially having the game pay for itself. So I’m still patting myself on the back for catching that deal.

… A deal I probably should have told everyone else about.


I’m just holding out for a few reviews before diving in. It seems to be 100% up my alley but I’d really like to get some impressions of the gameplay loop first.

If it’s awesome please report back and I’ll get it ASAP :blush:


I am so, so, so interested in this. It is hard to overstate how much this game looks like My Shit.

but I’m about to go hide in the mountains without a computer for two weeks so I guess I’ll have to wait.




RPS review is up and the reviewer really didn’t like it.

For a game about spies, Phantom Doctrine is atrocious at providing you with information. It doesn’t set up its pieces in an interesting way, it just pretends to – and while it has some neat ideas I haven’t gone into detail on, that’s because I so rarely needed to engage with them.

I’m still kinda interested in seeing it in motion so I hope Waypoint stream this!

edit: woops, literally published this the same second as dogsarecool edited their post lol



I was so into this game from all of the previews. And I just really want more turn based stealth tactics games to exist, in general. Maybe it’ll be improved by patches? I, at least in spirit, like that it’s a low-randomness design (I was one of the people who quite liked the predictability of Hard West), so I’m going to hold out hope that it reviews better with time.


I am only a couple missions in and I have enjoyed it so far, some confusing UI even on tutorial mission was stuck for a bit as button prompt not very visible.

Shots are not dice rolls to hit, but weather you get fully hit or grazed, so you get hit a lot and often from of in the fog of war of the map when combat or reinforcements. It seem invisible inc style of play my work best sneaking about knocking out people and not raising the alarms. I imagine silence weapons will open up the game a lot.

Looks like there are 3 campaigns CIA, KGB and one blanked out until completed one. If the mechanics hit with me that could be the most compelling aspect of the game as after a couple of runs of Xcom or xcom2 it becomes a little repitive. Hopefully each campaign has some unique mechanics.

Anyone else have early impressions


Looks like the Gamespot review has a much more favorable take, though the review is written so impersonally that I’m wary to trust it.


Polygon has a first impressions up which is relatively favorable. However, it looks like “eurojank” again - rough around the edges, poor documentation/tutorial, buggy.

I’d recommend waiting for the first round of patches and updates to go through before assessing it.


So I put a few hours into Hard West, and it seemed cool and had a few really neat mechanics I liked, but it lacked the polish and dynamism that would keep me invested. I’m wondering: do any of y’all see the same lacking in Phantom Doctrine? The aesthetic and stealth emphasis seems way more my style, but I’m wondering whether they’ve more improved.

(Here’s to hoping Rob Zacny puts up a review!?)


Four things from playing:

  1. These blank slate agents that make up your cabal scream elaborate headcanons (And I really hope the devs add in a space to write up background XCOM 2 style though in practice a set background actually goes entirely against these characters) and I await Austin Walker’s novella worth of backstories.
    So far I have a gloomy freelancer who’s obviously Vietnamese and one of the first perks available for her was Vietnam War veteran. Naturally that set the gears churning and now I have this apathetic young woman who more than likely was a child soldier in 'Nam running around icing fools with skill and distressing unconcern. She’s like a good Metal Gear character. Next, to craft an agent who is really obviously ex-IRA.

  2. The devs have stated mod support is coming once they patch the mess that is their game and I am oddly giddy about that even if, especially if, it turns out to just be people modding in new hats and passport photos (It disappoints me that there isn’t already a folder you can just dump photos in for passports. I wanna put my actual passport photo in the game.).

  3. I’m digging this weirdly inclusive 80s CIA where Deadpan can be whatever you like while their mentor is a Chinese-American spymaster with old guard cred and their handler is surprisingly assertive and reasonable contrary to a very noticeable stammer.

  4. Game does a good job hiding some not particularly great graphics with some damn good lighting.


I have not had time to play anymore but developers have just published this on how the shooting works

(definitely something I have struggled with getting to terms with where is safe)

If they want to keep the line of sight is I think a prompt when moving into cover to say you are still in sights of a known enemy position would be useful.

Nice to see a developer communicate there decision and how the mechanics work.