Phantom Dust: The Cuff Button Hype Thread


Phantom Dust is coming back, sooner than you might think!

Nick Robinson of Polygon sat down with Adam Isgreen of Microsoft Studios Publishing to talk about the state of Phantom Dust when they found it, the work that’s gone into the HD re-release, and how insane the original game was for what it was trying to do at the time.

I really really really loved the original release; I’ve got fond memories of sitting in my dorm room thinking up new and exciting ways to screw with people in multiplayer when I should have been studying. I would usually start with a Laser focused build (I loved the visual of the bolts curving around objects and people were all-too-often just hiding behind barriers) and add in a couple movement skills like Jump.

So yeah, I wanna talk PD with you. What was your favorite build? Anything you’re hoping for from the re-release? Did you happen to miss the original release and want to know more about it? You should check out when Austin streamed a bit of it here:

Also, did you see that footage from the remaster that was going around a while back?


Phantom Dust is here and it is good.

Patch 1.1 just went out which is nuts that it is getting support again. Free DLC gets you all of the skills in 3 of the schools (psycho, optical, nature) for online play, on top of what they already give you free it is more than enough to play online with no time spent in story mode.

I don’t know what is more surprising to a old Phantom Duster like me, that the game is just as damn good as I remember or that it is getting support 13 years later. Also, I can still find a game fairly easily.

I want more attention given to this game because it is easily in my top 5 games of all time and when Austin Walker said in the video he needs more Phantom Dust in his life I couldn’t stop but say YES YES Dear Samothes YES.

You asked my favorite build, that is like picking a favorite child, vibration arsenals, bravery decision arsenals, single school nature, dance of death arsenal… sooo many are fun.

I can say that the re-release already got one thing very right which was to change the quick battle arsenals, those old ones were kind of bad. I think anything I want to see get changed would have to be in a new game however.
-Shorter tutorial (this is so big if new people want to come into the game now, the story is a slow teacher)
-No hanging environmentals or some other fix to hanging powerful environmentals
-No running around like a crazy person trying to find quest givers
-Some new maps
-More balance in spawn points on certain maps