Philosophy Book Club


Due to Waypoint’s Editors general interest in philosophy, as well as my own I was thinking it could be fun to do a “Philosophy Book Club”. Wanted to gauge interest. I am mainly interested in non-analytic philosophy. We could also include some more academic game oriented reads (like stuff from game academia like Boost, or read Homo Ludens).


I would be interested potentially in reading more philosophy. It’s been some years since I graduated in it and I’m a bit out of touch. I must confess my main areas of interest are towards analytical philosophy, though.


I unfortunately don’t have anything to share but I’d also be interested in this. I’ll keep an eye on this thread.


Homo Ludens is definite must read and not too dense or long. I didn’t realize it was used in games academia but it makes complete sense. It was recommended to me many years ago when I was making an animation that focused on the nature of play v danger and I’ve been referring back to it ever since.


If I could recommend a different book though it would be Poetics of Relation by French-Caribbean philosopher Edouard Glissant. It deals with multiculturalism and identity and other topics maybe not directly game related but in line with many Waypoint interests.
I only just started reading it so it would be fun to take the journey with others. Especially since I don’t fancy myself terribly high minded and would love to have external insights along the way. Compared to Homo Ludens though, it is like cutting through thick undergrowth, not an easy read imo.


My Philosophy game is pretty weak these days. Never the less, I’d be down.


As someone who hasn’t really read much of anything pertaining to philosophy (except stuff I had to read for class), I’d like to join in on this bookclub, if you’d tolerate someone with almost no background knowledge of the topic.


Hey! I’m studying philosophy and am always interested in reading more stuff so sign me up for this idea. I’ll suggest History of sexuality, Vol 1 by Michel Foucault since that is on my personal reading list. But I’m also down to read something like Homo Ludens.

(also to anyone interested, there are some good discussion and reading tips in the Philosophy discussion thread even though it’s gone cold over the past month or 2).


This sounds like a fun idea! Haven’t read much on the philosophy, but very interested in reading more!