Photography thread (Image Intensive)

Hello all!
This is just a general thread for those interested in photography, photography gear, and anything else related. Feel free to share your gear, your favorite shots, advice, questions, etc.

I’ll kick things off. I’m a hobbyist photographer and primarily shoot portraits. I enjoy shooting both flash and outdoors. I use a Pentax K-3 and my SMC Pentax-DA* 55mm F1.4 SDM is my favorite lens.

This is one of my favorite pictures that I took of my son. More can be seen on my website in bio. How about everyone else?


Hi there! Thanks for starting this thread. I love dishing about photography. I’ve been shooting for the past 25 years or so, but only in the last 8 did I really decide to go all in. Currently working on my first photobook of my work with mannequins which is probably my favorite subject.

Here are some of my photographs :slight_smile:


I currently have a Samsung NX300 (shocking how cheap they became at the end of production, even if not a cutting edge MILC anymore - still good enough in most conditions) and will mainly use it with the 30mm f/2 pancake or a Rokinon/Samyang 12mm f/2. One day I will be rich and move up to full frame (probably Sony unless something changes) but I don’t see myself ever going back to an SLR (I learned to take photos when I inherited one back in the days of film) so throw me in the “I don’t really care about an optical viewfinder” trash.

I’m also very much in the camp that you don’t need a camera to be a photographer and gaming is absolutely a hobby where you can be a photographer.


Been getting more into photography as a hobby the past year since I then bought my first proper camera ( a Sony Alpha a5100). I would love to attend a photography course down the line (still a novice in technical terms) and in general spend more time doing it. Also been reading The Art of Photography by Bruce Barnbaum which so far has been really good. Lovely shots the rest of you too!

Here are some of my recent shots:

Anyone looking for insp. take a gander at my tumblr where I post a bunch of photography (and lots architecture, typography, music etc. could be mildly nsfw if you go back far enough just fyi!: )


I just took an introductory photography class and really had a fun time with it, I don’t have anything uploaded digitally so the quality on these screenshots might not be great, but its some of the picture I consider to be the best I took over the semester.


I’m not a good photographer but i had an interesting subject.

Zion National Park and the grand canyon


Hi, hey. Started shooting ten years ago, failed at it miserably for a few years before becoming okay-ish and lived off borrowing some DSLRs from friends. Finally bought my first camera (A D7100) just last year.

I love mixing graphic design in with my photos, and I’d say that these are the images I’m most proud of.



Great stuff, everyone. I really like your use of graphic design, arlo.

I have a habit of spending altogether more money on photography gear than my meagre ability warrants. Occasionally I manage to get something I’m quite pleased with, though.

Recently I’ve been doing some analogue photography for the first time (not including being clueless with disposable cameras when I was a kid). It’s been a fun change of pace.

I really do enjoy the act of photography, but when I look back and the pictures I’ve taken, I generally find the experience quite underwhelming. I wish I had more of a creative vision, rather than mainly just taking pictures of my family and stuff that catches my eye.


These are some beautiful pictures! Very jealous of the photographer eyes we have here.

Just a little reminder that because of the potential that this thread may be image intensive, please be a little mindful of how many photos share for data capped users! If you have more, perhaps linking to a portfolio would be warranted to showcase the rest!

Thank you!


I was shooting a video recently, and I’m pretty happy with how this particular shot came out w/ color correction :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Photography is a recent hobby that takes a lot of willpower from me (a resource I’ve lacked a lot recently) though I do enjoy it on the rare occasion I do feel up to it. I generally just use my phone - currently a Samsung S7 - as I have bigger things to focus my time and money into at the moment.
Here are two of my favourite photos from the current Academic year at University in London:

Firstly one with very little colour correction:

Next one I accentuated the blacks and oranges of the sunset to closer look like the artistic direction of Deus Ex (because the original image’s composition and tone was actually very close to it already):

You can find more of my (very rare) posts on my Instagram account: Dixavd
I don’t really have a personal style, but I generally enjoy taking photographs of architecture and the buildings around me (and there are a lot of interesting shots to be had in London)


A questions: If you do, what online service do you use to store/show of your photographs?

I usually just end up uploading choice ones to instagram or tumblr and storing the rest on my pc. But I feel at time I should upload them to flickr for instance or another online service so that I have more of a portfolio at the ready. I tend to forget past shots when I just store them on my pc since I do all my editing through VSCO on my phone.

Used Flickr for a while there (like a decade ago, before the weirdness with changing the licensing and iffy reselling of stuff that was listed as CC) as my archive service and even paid for it to get full-res etc features. I’m not entirely sure what their free tier is like now and how Yahoo’s management has gone (if they stopped messing with the service). It used to be great for communities.

I generally show shots on whatever platform people are on (so FB for most friends - horrible compression & all, Twitter, Tumblr, Google Photos, etc) but in terms of archiving then Amazon Prime includes Prime Photos so I’ve got every shot with the RAW it was developed from (I’m a Lightroom user, but a old version as I’m cheap) up there on the Amazon cloud (unlimited storage for photos is part of Prime so you can dump a 100GB archive up there to make sure a fire at home doesn’t destroy your collection). You can do basic sharing from there with folders but it’s not the best way to present your photos. But they’re your actual photos, not a really compressed jpeg, at a lower res, based on the photo you uploaded (which is an issue with lots of other services, especially the free ones). You can also use an MS OneDrive, Google Drive, etc but I pay for Prime for other stuff so the premium storage is effectively free.

If I was building a proper portfolio site then I’d probably actually use Tumblr, even if they’re not ideal, as I quite like their template stuff (as in writing my own html to make a custom site). But any platform with free storage (up to a limit) and an ok template or two should be good (Blogger would work and you can use your Google Drive storage limits for the photos). I suspect almost no one actually needs to pay SquareSpace etc for that sort of thing, but also I’ve seem more than a couple of people who are clearly ok with paying for that.

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Thanks for the input. There certainly are lot’s of options out there. But I should probably upload more to a specific photography tumblr I made a while ago. Also I want to get hold of photo editor license, think that would really increase me actually spending more time developing and going through my photos, which I want to do before I’d upload anything.

Also anyone got tips for purchasing an analog camera on the cheap? Love the look of film photography, and the aspect of photographing without an immediate image of what you took for you to judge.

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There is also which has a very responsive community. Quite nice if you want an ego boost.


These days I use Dropbox for storage, pixieset to share a single session, and Facebook/Instagram for social media. I’ve also used 500px and pixoto in the past, I think 500px is the best place to find very good professional pictures. Pixoto is a competition based sight which can be a lot of fun at times and discouraging at others.


Admittedly, I am not familiar with a lot of professional photographers, even some who are considered famous, but I’m curious as to what photographers / artists have you influenced your images?

Personally, I’ve really started digging Bill Eggleston’s work and this image in particular I love (The accompanying story is fascinating as well:


Give a peek. You’ll be able to find pretty much anything but they do a really good job with reconditioning their cameras and their prices are good. Just decide what format you’re interested in and take a look at their offerings in your preferred budget.


Hello all,
Recently I’ve been revitalized as a photographer. I’ve taken over 4 years of photography classes, and almost finished a degree before burning out. Now I have a job as a Musem/Collections technician, and have been assigned the task of photographing historic objects. I can’t share those photos just yet, and I haven’t used my personal camera in years.

My personal Camera is 5d Mkii

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some old photos I found on Instagram

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