Photography thread (Image Intensive)


Definitely. 500px is the best place I’ve found for getting some sort of response without having to do a bunch of self-promotion. I still only get a handful of likes (like, ten is really good for me, twenty is great), but it’s more than elsewhere and they seem really good at surfacing your pictures for people who aren’t already following you.

I still find Flickr to be my favourite balance between archival and portfolio. They’ll keep full-size JPEGs for free now (not RAW, though), and I like their viewer with its click-to-zoom functionality. Their compression on the resizes is a little more aggressive than I’d like, though, and the dodgy behaviour @Shivoa mentioned is probably worthy of concern, though I haven’t really looked into it.

I have a Tumblr that I originally intended as a more selective portfolio kind of thing, but without the zoom function and with a slightly (though not drastically) restrictive file size limit, I kind of lost interest in updating it.

Anyway, since I’ve been talking about them, here are the links to my accounts:

I really ought to give Amazon Prime Photos a try…


I got all my analogue stuff on eBay. You’re relying on things being as described, but I’m yet to have a bad experience. The worst I got was a lens packed in shredded newspaper that was obviously from the home of a heavy smoker - it stank to high heaven.

I got a fully functional Canon AE-1 Program with a nifty fifty in 2014 for about £45 on auction. It seemed like a pretty good camera to go for - it has an internal light meter, which is helpful, and it was produced in large numbers so you should be able to find one for not too much. I also got a 28mm lens for it for £25, and it’s all worked a treat. None of it looks perfect, but I can’t see any fault with the photos they produce.

One thing to bear in mind if price is a concern, though, is what you’re going to do about getting your film developed. So far I’ve been sending mine off to Ilford. I’ve been very happy with the scans, which they upload as soon as they’re ready, but I think it works out as about £1 75p per image, all told (including film), which isn’t cheap. It all factors into the whole slowing down and being more deliberate aspect of it, of course, but it adds up fast. The main thing holding me back from doing my own developing is that I don’t know whether the scanners in my price range would produce noticeably inferior results than the multi-thousand-dollar machines they use at labs.



I haven’t taken any photos I really like in a while, but I’m eager to very soon. Candid photos of people are my favorite moments to capture.

I’ll probably stick with my Flickr account until the service is a total wash, just 'cause I’ve used it for so long now, despite how little use it’s seen lately.


I recently got a few more rolls of film developed, including my first Kodak Portra, which seems to be great for warm colours:

[Click] ( for Flickr

By comparison, the previous colour film I’ve tried, Fuji Superia, seems to oversaturate skin tones in bright light, and produced colours more to my taste in colder scenes, such as the picture of the woman and baby above.

Since the rate at which I get through film varies wildly (maybe I’ll get through a whole roll in a day, or maybe it will sit in the camera for a couple of months), I’m almost tempted to get another analogue camera so that I can choose the film to suit the occasion without having to finish what’s in there (I mainly want to be able to choose between colour and monochrome). That seems like a lot, though. I have an impulse is to try a different sort if camera - perhaps a rangefinder - but investing in another lens system would make things even more costly, so I suppose it’d make sense to go with another FD camera; possibly even another AE-1P. Then again, I could probably get by with just a 50mm lens, so I don’t know. And the actual answer is that I shouldn’t get anything at all because I need to stop spending money like an idiot.


Really lovely shots in this thread! I’m a hobbyist and enjoy roaming the streets and taking photos of scenes that catch my eye. :grinning:

I have a Tumblr that is a bit of a photo diary and an Instagram where I put most of my film shots.


Such amazing stuff ITT :heart_eyes: Looking forward to improving my skills with you guys!

Here are a couple pics I’m proud of:

Hong Kong Financial District, Fujifilm X20, f/11, 1/320, ISO 400

Ile D’Aix, France, Also X20, f/6.4, 1/125, ISO 200

Both straight out of camera jpegs because I’m too lazy to learn retouching (that and it took a while for Fuji RAW files to be supported by a few programs)


I’ve been doing some analog photography during this summer and even though I’m still learning I’m really happy with the results, given that the edition work I do is always minimal: cropping and, if strictly necessary, adjusting exposure for the underexposed shots. These were shot on my Minolta X-300

I have a lot more on my Instagram (link on profile) but please be aware that I’m not a frequent poster as I get film developed in batches and also the photography stuff is mixed with my personal shitposting.



This is from a recent photo class project about the passing of time in a specific location over multiple visits. This is a building in Chattanooga TN that I returned to 5 or 6 times to create this short series. Let me know what you think.


Just finished processing this, which I took on Saturday I think.
I have too many photos in my Lightroom catalog, and I have to delete hundreds of them. I take so many trash photos, I must get better.


My picks from my photo class from college


some really good photos here! you all have some beautiful visions.

here are two silly photos I took after being way. too. immersed. in new twin peaks.




Hi everyone! I like playing around with cameras, so here is some shots I’m proud of. Hope some of you like them.


A few from this summer in Morocco (A bit of every style)


tourist photo

for some reason i like looking at trees and as a result making photos of them


August 21st Total Eclipse! Taken with my old Canon DSLR with a 600mm lens.

Yaquina Head Light, they filmed parts of The Ring here!

Not bad for my phone! This was taken in Redding, California at the Turtle Bay Exploration Park.

Took this one at the 4th of July picnic in the small town where I live, I drive these at work!


Yo! can’t believe I missed this earlier. I post most of my stuff on insta but here’s some of my faves.

i really like shooting on film, i’ve become sort of a camera collector recently. my only digital is a canon 450D, which is perfectly fine for my needs but hardly a powerhouse. luckily, finding good film cameras is super easy nowadays.


I’ve always liked photography, but I got into it in a more serious way earlier this year. My gear isn’t anything great, just an a6000 and a bunch of old lenses I got from a shop for $5 a pop that I’m attaching with adapters. I’d love to get some newer and sharper glass at some point, but I could barely even afford the camera body so new lenses are… a ways off haha. Here’s a favorite from this summer:

Now that it’s getting cold out, I’m going out for photos a lot less, so my Instagram is becoming fairly inactive. But if anyone wants to thumb through my backlog, feel free! :slight_smile:


Hi. I want to buy a camera and choose between CANON EOS 650D and NIKON D5200. I found some information here Help me please. What can you recommend for a beginner photographer? Which model is best to choose?