Picking up on abandoned savegames



I am sick in bed, which means I can’t be downstairs where the PS4 is. I have a 30-hour save in The Witcher 1 on my laptop that I haven’t touched in three months, but I just tried to get back into it and had NO idea where I was or what I was supposed to do. It was crowded and overwhelming and I immediately quit.

Where do you all fall on trying to jump back into games that you abandoned weeks prior? Sometimes I love to re-experience what I’m already familiar with because I pick up on context or just understand the game better at the outset, but often I end up abandoning the game around the very same spot that I did the first time.


Assuming I do come back to a game, if it’s been more than a handful of weeks I will usually start over. Most of the time I abandon it even earlier since I tend to abandon games because I just didn’t click with it or got tired of it. Sometimes I’ll get really into it, instead.

This happened with Dishonored 2, which I purchased last year but didn’t really get into the opening bits. I really came around on the game when I restarted in February this year. Kind of became my retroactive game of the year for 2016.


Yeah, if I get in and I can’t remember anything I tend to restart. I ended up doing this like twice in Okami and still haven’t finished it, though I made it pretty dang far last time.


It really depends on the complexity.

If I abandon, like. A puzzle game. Or a platformer. I can usually just pick it right back up and be fine. But RPGs?

I’ve had to abandon Persona 3 like. Three times due to technical issues and each time I tried to pick it back up without restarting and it was a LOT to try and remember.


I have the same issue all the time! It’s usually the inventory management, often in RPG’s, that make it incredibly hard to get back into games I leave alone for a while… Whether it’s the Witcher or Borderlands or Skyrim, looking through the crazy amount of weapons, armor, quest items I don’t remember the context for, and random junk I accumulated in an old save I barely remember quickly overwhelms me and makes me want to start from scratch more often than not.


Starting over is basically admitting that I will never finish the game since the reason I fall off games is normally related to fatigue. I rarely play a game start to finish without stopping for weeks, if not months (and sometimes years) in between my more concentrated play periods, especially if it’s a 60 + hour game.

Some games are more difficult for me to return to though and knowing that makes me put them off even longer. Normally, I can pick up on the story easy, but what kills me are control schemes. Every game is a little different and if there’s a difficulty curve to how the game operates then I’m toast.

I have no idea how much time I’ve played The Witcher 3 (upwards of 20 hours, at least), but I tried to jump back in after a seven month break, I was both overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I had left to do and by the combat mechanics. When I stopped playing seven months ago, I was OK at combat. I didn’t get curbstomped by common beasts. When I went back, I got my butt handed to me by a low level hag. :[

Fallout 4, on the other hand, is overwhelming but manageable since the controls feel intuitive (to me). I know I’ll spend the first half hour picking off easier quests to sink back into the groove, but after that I’m set for frustration-free playthroughs.


I have a Fallout 4 playthrough that I go back to every few months when I forget how fucking angry I am at the main storyline and my stupid fake baby and fake marriage, and every single time I have to completely re-learn how the fuck to do anything because I played my last Fallout game (FO3) on PC with KB+M.

This isn’t about a save-file, but rather an entire game. I dropped Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup after I graduated high school, because I installed it on their computers and then didn’t install it on the computer I got after my ancient laptop broke. I got back into it in the past week, and basically found out I forgot how to do jack-and-shit and had to relearn it all over again. We good now tho.


I have tried to play Planescape: Torment like four times but for various reasons throughout the years I had to stop and restart. I think for me it’s an immersion thing. I like to ‘get into’ the world and stay there, but if life interrupts and I can’t play for a bit, I’m out of it. I stopped playing The Darkness because the controls are so complicated that it’s hard to just jump into after a hiatus, and wasn’t interested enough in the story/world that I wanted to replay. But I did play The Witcher 3 for like 20 hours, stop and go back to it with out restarting and that’s a game with complicated controls and an interesting story. So uh, I don’t know what I want. :thinking:


I got a fair way into Xenoblade Chronicles before putting it down for some forgotten reason (around where Melia and Riki join). When I eventually got back to it several months later i could not remember at all what I was supposed to be doing or how the combat system even worked, so I restarted.

Luckily, after replaying through the opening tutorial it all came back and I jumped forward again to my save, which stopped me spending hours repeating the early sidequests and potentially putting it down again due to not seeing anything new. I did still have to remember how to beat the specific boss I was about to fight, so it took a couple of tries, but everything after that was golden.


Oh my god, this is absolutely my Final Fantasy IV story.

FFIV was the first RPG I’ve ever played. It’s a game I played on the Super Nintendo since before I even knew how to read. I’ve played this game up to the Giant of Babil at least 6 times throughout my life (to say nothing of the times I didn’t even get that far), and WITHOUT FAIL, every single time, something happens and my life is shaken up and I just drop the game and forget to go back to it while dealing with said life-changes. Every single time, I decide to start over, because it’s either been months or years at the point I realized it happened again.

I’ve carried this with me for basically my entire conscious life, and it’s reached the point that I’m not sure if I ever even WANT to finish that game anymore. I’m sure I’ll try again. I hope to someday finally sit down with it and follow it to its end when I’m old and bedridden.


I always try to leave myself a progress note on my Backloggery when it seems I won’t be returning for a while, but sometimes I forget or just didn’t think it was necessary.

I recently tried returning to Pokemon Omega Ruby, and with only 1 badge left to earn and no Steven at the Sootopolis Gym, I couldn’t figure out what to do to progress. Looking up a FAQ really didn’t help much due to the game’s open nature.

I’m sure I’ll figure it out eventually, but yeah, I do appreciate how modern JRPGs typically have some sort of story log pointing you to where you’ve been/need to go. In quest-based games it’s never been a problem for me. After I came back to Kingdoms of Amalur after many years, I just ran to the nearest quest marker and started whacking on fools.

Of course, even if you know what to do, picking up an old save can still be overwhelming due to the game’s difficulty and mechanics. I’ve had this happen occasionally, but only with genres and mechanics I’m not really familiar with. Generally I’m pretty good about returning to RPGs, but I dread the day I finally pick that copy of Resonance of Fate back up…


Because I have so little time for games these days, going back to old saves is something I’m trying to get more comfortable with. Generally if there’s a good automatic journal function where I can skim over then I’m good.


I’m a serial game-restarter. If I feel at all like getting back into the swing of things will take effort I just restart the dang thing.


Starting over is basically admitting that I will never finish the game since the reason I fall off games is normally related to fatigue

So right. I’ve started and got around 10-15 hours into Mass Effect 2 so many times, but it’s just not for me. There have been cases where restarting has worked for me though, but usually in those instances I’m rather sure that the reason I never saw it through wasn’t through dissatisfaction, fatigue or the like. I came back to The Talos Principle a number of times, intermittently–always enjoying it, but it was only on the final time that I pumped out the remaining bulk of the game. But I think the reason I never was able to get through it more straightforwardly was just because other things happened to grab away my attention.

I expect to be returning to a months old save of Thief Gold pretty soon, so hopefully I don’t have any problems settling back in.


Same here. I have a 30+ hour Witcher 1 save that I haven’t touched for about six months. It is going to be difficult to jump back in, but I refuse to start over when I’m 5+ hours in a game. It would feel like I wasted all that time if I start over.

Whenever I get back to a game, I try to power through until I remember enough to feel comfortable with it. This isn’t a big deal for most games that I have unfinished because I am usually near the end. Though, with the Witcher 1 and Tales of Vesperia, which I stopped at around 40 hours, it is going to be a pain.


It depends on the game. Skill-heavy games like Dark Souls, or twitch-heavy games like Resogun, I’ll generally start over because that stuff needs time to build back up. I tried to jump into a Dark Souls save in the middle of Blighttown a while back and it went very poorly.

Depending on how long ago I loaded the save and how far I am into the game, sometimes I’ll just search YouTube to get a feel for where I’m at. I really like the way Metal Gear Solid handled it. When you loaded a save, it gave you a synopsis of what happened from the last major story beat. I wish more games did that sort of thing, or offered something similar. JRPG’s especially could benefit from it.


I’ve been getting anxious about starting The Witcher 3 back up. I left it at what I think was the end of the Novigrad questline, so it’s a pretty clean break story-wise, but something in me just makes me dread getting back into that game, despite me loving it a lot. Oh well!!


If anyone is feeling anxiety about picking up the Witcher 3 because you don’t remember where you were in the story, post a screenshot of your “Completed Quests log” and I will write a short paragraph summary of salient plot points to help you hop back in.

Because I effing love that game.


I have a game of Rune Factory 4 I put down in the middle of playing and I haven’t restarted because I have no idea what’s growing in my fields and don’t remember how to farm properly. I’ll probably just restart the game if I ever pick it up again, or just play Stardew Valley forever.


my family has a copy of donkey kong 64 that we’ve had since it came out, basically. i don’t like DK64 that much, or even remember getting far in it, but every time i pull out the N64 to play some old games i play that for a bit too. there’s a save file on it that i think is pretty far, but i have no idea if it was mine or my siblings’. i like to load it up anyways, and go exploring. i don’t know how to really play the game, what to do or how to gauge how far you are into completing each level, so often times it feels like i am prolly trending old ground that whomever has played it before has already covered. i’m pretty sure i have not made any more progress in the last few times i’ve played it, but i’ve enjoyed my time with it anyways. i guess it’s because i find it pretty relaxing just exploring it’s worlds.